Friday, October 31, 2008

Weigh in

We decided to weigh in early this week. Not because of Halloween goodies ( none here) but because of events this weekend. Hubby has to sing for a big anual Requiem Mass tomorrow on top of his usual Sunday singing schedual and life is going to be rather rushed for him. He took off today so we can get the usual Saturday things done today, so we decided to do weigh in this morning.

Me- up +1.2 pounds. Hormones, may an angry camel find you and spit in your eye !!!!
Hubby- up +1.8 and most likely due to sodium. Company lunch for a meeting with the WORST food( sausage, sauerkraut,perogis ) and got too busy to drink his water needs
Son-down -1.8- yeah son !!!!

Okay, for me I am REALLY disgusted, angry, frustrated and all that jazz about my weight. No matter what i do, no mater how much or how hard I exercise, no matter how much water, health goals, fruits and veggies, fiber, sodium or whatever, I still gain two weeks every single month and lose two weeks every single month. The overall progress is down 40 odd pounds since December, but I am getting SO TIRED of this pattern. I want to be way under 200, I want to be done with this whole weight loss thing once and for all.

Guess there is nothing for it but to grin, bear it, start this as day one and just move on. My mantra for these weeks is "no matter what the scale says, I am better for doing what I am doing than I would be if I did nothing", followed by the satisfaction in knowing that at least my son is still doing great and getting closer to his goal. He was the whole reason we began this journey in the first place.

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Rosie said...

Hang in there, you're doing great. Losing weigh takes a while, we have to have patience. We didn't get this way over night.

Your body probably gets go of too much weight and goes into starvation mode for week then lets go again...

You'll be under 200 before you know it!