Sunday, October 12, 2008

Switching things up

Managed to get out for a second walk in the woods yesterday, and this one had more colors than the last. It was just so nice to take in the sights and the smells of the season !

I had my egg beater veggie omlette for breakfast this morning, and I think I really prefer something with oats for breakfast these days. It seems to stick with you longer, and there are more flavor possibilities. Yesterday I made my own version of pumpkin oats, and we were all quite content until lunchtime, and then we opted for cottage cheese and pineapples for the meal. Oats just seem to stay.

We are trying something different this week. Instead of having the standard dinner meal on the weeknights, we are opting for a simple meal of soup, salad and sandwich. it costs less, takes less prep time and we are all very pressed for time on the weeknights. Taking time out for a full dinner seems to be one of the factors that keeps hubby from working out with me in the afternoons. He does not want me to be rushed and pressured to feed everyone and work out at the same time. Another reason is that we are all suddenly quite attracted to peanut buter. As silly as it sounds, a peanut butter sandwich is suddenly much more appealing than a chicken breast in any form. Perhaps it is an affect of the fall. This feels very odd to me. I was raised in a house where dinner had to be a big meal and it had to be served the minute Dad got home. The idea of having a sipmle sandwich was like having the laws of gravity cease to apply to the universe. In truth, I think it is healthier to consume more calories earlier in the day and eat light in the evening. More chance to burn off calories just through living that way. We shallsee if that holds true with next weeks weigh in.

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