Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Progress on two fronts

Now this is some kind of progress - we finished with school, had been out for our morning walk and all felt good. After lunch we were both feeling kind of restless so i suggested to son that we go out for a second walk. After looking at me like I might be crazy, he agreed to go. So we took a 30 minute walk around the complex to see what we could see.

Once back in the building we bumped into a neighbor who looks at my son and asks "have you been losing weight ?" Son smiles and says yes and I mention that he has lost 65 lbs so far. Then the neighbor starts saying how he would like to lose weight, and I kind of chuckled . He did not appear to be overweight to my eyes, but I think everyone wants to improve themselves in some way these days.

Son was really pumped. not only did a "stranger" notice, but he felt a lot better for our second walk of the day. Ditto that feeling for mom !

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