Monday, October 6, 2008

Twists and bumps

Monday morning, and back to school and routine !

Yesterday we had planned on going to a pumpkin farm to get a gourmet Carmel apple to split between the three of us, but it was raining and cold, so we skipped the idea. Got in walking at the grocery store instead- if you do it right you can log on quite a bit of activity points at big stores. Think of mall walkers, with a shopping cart. Dinner was weird last night because time got away from us. I put lean pork strips in the crock pot with apples, onions and spices, and had planned to serve it with a veggie, a starchy grain and a salad. We go back home late, had a late snack and just were not hungry for the whole thing, so we had the pork and a tossed salad. It felt weird but at the same time free-ing to break the "if it is -- o'clock, it must be __ meal" mentality. Eat according to appetiete- what a concept !

This morning we went out for a walk which got cut short. Son stepped wrong and turned his ankle, so we ended our session after 20 minutes. I decided it would be fine for him to take a rest from exercise and I would make up the time on my stationary bike. For some reason my legs felt really heavy, and it was making my lower abdomen feel the same in a kind of sympathy. Shortly afterwords I learned why. Second visit for the red hatted aunt this month ! I am in perimenopause, trying to go through this process without HRT, so there are times of surprize. Bad news is, this normally has meant a serious gain for the week. I am not going to focus on that possibility, but instead try my level headed best to at least maintain this week- if not lose ! No matter how bad it is, it would only be worse if I did nothing.

At least there is one plus with "visits" at this time of life for me. They do not bring monstrous chocolate cravings !

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