Sunday, October 5, 2008

The best laid plans...

What a crazy day ! First off, I woke up at 3:30 am thinking about the oat creation we had for breakfast, decided to have the same again this morning and I could not wait. Is that stupid or what ? Anticipating breakfast in the same way a little kid anticipates Christmas Morning. It made me laugh to think at the absurdity of it. I was not hungry, but just wanted to experience the taste again. I fiddled around on the computer and then hit the exercise bike for 15 minutes and then the guys woke up. I was so happy ! We could eat breakfast !!!

The rest of the morning was busy with commitments and the hubby stopped to pick up subs for lunch at Subway. I was just getting hungry , and the foot long veggie sub left me pretty stuffed. ( note to self- the 6 inch one would be a better choice next time. I can no longer eat that much !). Then we planned to head out to a pumpkin farm, but it started to rain and as we got close to the place saw that it was a mob scene. We were not planning on getting pumpkins, but rather one gourmet caramel apple to bring home and split three ways. It is a family tradition to get one of these every year, and we saved our weekly Flex Points to spend on this , a chocolate dipped pretzel and a doughnut. ( Traditional fall junk food from our old days). We chose instead to go to our local produce market , buy some good apples, some low fat caramel dip and Irish cheese to eat at home. Cheaper, healthier, and satisfying. Thank you, Flex points !!!

Well by the time we got home it made for a late but substantial snack, dinner was already in the crock pot, so we made some weird sorts of adaptations to the meal in progress. End result was a day of less food for more points, but still pretty darned healthy.

It is funny how your body adjusts to eating a certain volume of food. At first it feels like a real challenge, but in time it becomes your new normal. I think every once in a while it is a good practice to shake things up a little. It gives your metabolism a rev up and prevents a plateau.

I am tired tonight. I will try not to think about oats in the middle of the night tonight !

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