Monday, October 27, 2008

Being my own coach

I woke up this morning, and I just wanted to crawl back in bed to sleep all day. Lots of odd dreams last night made for a very restless night and a very tired morning ! Needless to say I did not want to exercise. However, as a mom I have a constant audience who follows my example, so I had to buck it up and get us both moving.Son was the whole reason we began this program this time, he is doing terrific, and we cannot let the good work slip back into old habits. So how can I motivate me ? I thought about some totally silly reasons why I should get moving. Here they are

1. Somewhere in the world there are people who want to exercise but cannot for different reasons. To celebrate my freedom, I must move my butt.Exercising is sort of like flying the flag, burning my bra or voting. It is engaging in my hard earned right to do so. And if I don't , perhaps the ghost of my great grandmother will appear in my next dream and beat me with a placard saying vote for women . Think it won't happen ? Can you guarantee it will not ? Better be safe and get my butt moving.

2. If I do not get out there and walk, the neighborhood squirrels may get the idea that they are winning, and decide the apartment building is fair game to start storing their nuts in.Might make for ample acorns for the human inhabitants to feast on, but squirrels are not very open to sharing and can be quite destructive on man made structures. So to save the building, get out and walk !!!!!

3. My shoes might miss me if I don't do it . Silly ? perhaps. But because I cannot actually hear what they are saying, I do not know for certain that they are happy to exist without me.And who knows how offended shoes might act the next time I put them on. Blister producing ? Corns ? Soles that separate from the rest of the shoe ? Just put them on, walk and make them happy to be safe.

4. My hair wants to be free. After walking I usually shower and torment it by putting in conditioner that makes it behave the way I desire. Dirty hair blowing in the breeze is kind of like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, standing before the throng with a blue face yelling 'FREEDOM !!!". It would be cruel to deny it the opportunity

5. The chairs in this house hurt my butt, which is becoming very bony. Strapping on my shoes and walking will be an opportunity to let my butt be pain free.

6. I will not allow my son to give excuses why we should not exercise, so turn about is indeed fair play.

7. I made a commitment to myself to be the best me I can be. I decided that I want to be healthy, happy and strong, and that is not going to happen by laying around in bed. I may be happier, but certainly not stronger or healthier. You have to get up and move in order to do that.

8. I have to take out the trash anyway, so I might as well go walking while I am out there

9.because I said so

10.Because I said so

So I got myself up, tossed on the sweats, grabbed the trash and my son, and headed out the door. 40 minutes of walking later, I was darned glad I did !

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Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young said...

You go girl! You are so hilarious! And your outlook on life is so darn positive. Your son is sure lucky to have a mom who cares about him so much! I'm proud of you!