Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear Wii Fit

Dear Wii fit

First off, let me say that you are a great, fun tool for someone to begin moving, or to use on those days when it is too rainy to do outside work. I have to admit that the Playstation Eyetoy Kinetic will get you moving for a longer duration, but you, my dear Wii Fit have these cute little Mii's and happy music. And where else can I pretend to be a penguin on an ice burg or walk a tightrope across two buildings ?

However, I do have a few complaints about you. The last few days you have told me I have gained weight and I am older than Methusela. This is NOT encouraging talk ! Then you ask me why I have gained weight. Sadly, you do not allow me to select being a perimenopausal woman on Mr Toad's wild hormonal ride as one of those reasons. And then after I log in my fit credits for other activities, you ask me to remind you if I do other activities. It is really making me think that you are not listening to me and that you are very mean !

I hope that we can resolve these issues. It is getting very cold out there and I want to have something other than my stationary bike to work with. I want to embrace you and work with you because I belive you are a lot of fun. However, if I have many more days when you tell me that my fir age is 10 years older than my biological age, I may engage in a new form of exercise. One where I raise you over my head, dash you to the ground vi0olently, and then dance gleefully around your remains.

a VERY frustrated middle aged woman

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Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young said...

Di you are hilarious! For his sake, I sure hope he listens! lol