Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to have fun on the weekends

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Mount Chop Me.

What is this ? Approximately 9 heads of assorted lettuce, or what this family of 3 consumes every week since December of 07. Looks like some kind of foliate monster, doesn't it ?? We eat a lot of salads, because we really enjoy them. So every weekend after shopping, I wash, dry and chop up enough lettuce to keep us happy and keep us on program when life gets crazy. Some would shudder at cutting lettuce, and cutting it that far in advance. I have never had a problem with it or noticed any negative quality to it. I cut it up ,put it in ziploc bags, burp out the air and store it in the fridge. I also cut up carrots and celery and store then in tupperwear containers for quick snacks or additions to lunches.

Early on , I came to the realization that part of the reasons why we were eating the way we were was convenience. Granted, I am a stay at home mom and one would think that I have surplus of time to do any number of things. Simply not the case. I also homeschool our son , and this takes priority over anything else. many days we get involved in a topic and time gets away from us. other times when the going gets rough the day ends and I just do not want to think any either of those times there is a compelling desire to just grab food quick. Carry out chicken, burgers, ready made meals all seem like great idea at that time. So if I take the time and make sure I fill our fridge with healthy grab and go options, that is more than half the battle won.

This morning finds my kitchen filled with good things. The fridge is stocked with ready to go salad, veggies and fruits. my freezer is filled with fat free home made chicken stoc, butternut squash puree, frozen veggies, Bocca burgers, marinating chicken bresats, ground chicken and a lot more. it's going to be another good week !

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