Friday, October 10, 2008

Sometimes the most well meaning people...

Yesterday while discussing the benefits of our daily walks with my son, something occurred to me. DH and I seem to have a totally different level of body awareness , and I wonder how this detail has missed my awareness for so long. We have been together as a couple since 1979 and married since 1981, so where has my head been with this ? It is not the first time I have discovered the obvious about him over the years, and each time I do it amuses me. It's kind of like finding an unexpected gift in the laundry basket or such.

I have been overweight my entire life, but had been very active as a child. I swam like a fish, camped, backpacked, hiked, played kickball or soccer and most evenings of my teen years were spent walking ith friends the whole night. Hubby had a different sort of childhood where he did a few things with Scouts, but spent his childhood beanpole thin and in less athletic pursuits. His weight did not become an issue until after we became parents. Once this happened, neither of us was prepared for the tidal wave that hit us. Any amount of physical activity we engaged in was tossed out the window with the high risk pregnancy and then parenting our Autistic son. Some issues in life just scream so loud that you no longer hear anything else that clammors for attention.

As we move on in our collective journey, son and I have become more active and hubby has become less day to day. There has been a real increase in the physical demands of his job of late, so it is not that he gets no activity. However, he has kind of given up on doing Wii fit together with me in the evenings, figuring that because I walked and biked , all is good.He has also given up doing the bike because he does not want to be away from me ( give me a break !). My exercise may be good for me, but it is not going to help him. My body is only capable of burning calories for me, not him.

So I wonder just how I can spark him with this ? How can I inspire him to get bak on this track ? He seems to be afraid to push on, mainly because of the cost of having three people need new clothes soon because of the economy. Once again he sees problems as a dead end, where as I see them as Detour signs. You just have to approach things in a different way to get the job done. I am begining to think that this reason is a mask for something much deeper. More importaint, how to I prevent this from derailing both my self and my son ? It's going to take some thinking.

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