Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday and back to normal

Monday, and back to the grind !

Yesterday was a very strange and emotionally charged day. Wound up visiting BOTH mothers with Dementia ( one worse physically and the other worse mentally), catching up on some new drama with the younger generation, and doing the best we could eating at the birthday party. Overall we did very well eating wise, but connecting with family always provokes a whirlwind of feelings.

So this morning son and I set out to walk off the pizza points, enjoy a breakfast of oatmeal with almonds and peanut butter ( yum), and settle into our homeschool activities. Hubby had a health wellness screen this morning, and hopefully the rest of this day will be the comforting "white noise" of normal life.

We plan on continuing the soup and sandwich dinner plan this week again. We all lost and no one was suffering hunger as a result. A simple sandwich ( PB or grilled cheese), a great salad with assorted greens and veggies and a bowl of one of the numerous new yummy soups on the market, and how could one consider it to be less in any way ? In my free moments I want to investigate some recipes for soups I can make from scratch to cut the costs and the impact from not so healthy additives. Several of the blogs I have been following have some great ideas ( kath eats real food and For the love of oats to name a few). I want to try their recipes. I know how to make soup, but my soup has been more of survival fare than taste treat. Time to sharpen another skill !

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Rosie said...

Check out some of the links on my page, I think Pitter Patter offers recipes (lots of soup ones) everyday... have you tried the Zero point soup... it's pretty good.