Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hidden benefit of exercise

I think I discovered one of the hidden benefits of exercise- better sleep !

Ever since I have stepped up my own fitness efforts, I have been able to fall into a deeper sleep, faster, and really not want to get out of bed in the morning. However, once I get out I feel that I have been totally refreshed and renewed. Son is also sleeping better as a result.

Son and i got out for our walk and then i did a session with my bike in the afternoon. Last night hubby suggested that we do a session of Wii fit, as it has been six days since out last session. I am glad that he did suggest it- I have been pretty concerned about his attitude recently. We simply did the body test, but it was enough to get us started, and enough to change the mood of things. After dinner we wound up watching some TV ( Dancing with the Stars and John and Kate plus Eight) , and I did some very minor ab work. By 8:30 we were so zoned out that we turned in and slept pretty solid till about 4 am. I kept rolling over to snooze more till 6 am- and that seems to have become my new pattern since stepping up the exercise. It's a good thing !

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