Friday, October 17, 2008

Rest Day

Rest days- I am beginning to get in a better head space about these !

I have found that I tend to be an all or nothing kind of gal, and it is hard to find a balance. It was easy to get to that place with food, but for some reason not so with exercise. I have struggled with the idea that it is good, mhealthy and acceptable to take a day off and give your muscles a chance to catch up .

However, this morning I am really tired and sore. It feels like my joints have been pounded on and my head does not want to come out fom a sleep state. Perhaps it is a cold coming on or perhaps it is a reaction to the turmoil of this week. I do not know and i am not going to stress about it. I will take this day of rest and enjoy it. Weigh in is tomorrow morning and i am hoping that we have all had a good week.

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