Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Making a good thing better

It is always a motivator to find positive results of the steps you are taking to improve a situation ! I look at my son and sometimes I do not recognize him. I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror or notice that I suddenly have a whole lot of lap or other such amusing things. All very good and very encouraging, but can simply be window dressing when you get right down to it.

Yesterday we found something that lifted the curtain and gave us a glimpse into the room- hubby got the results of a health screening. I will be honest- waiting for these was a little nervous. He is 53, and it seems almost everyone we know in real life in our age group is having health issues. Most of which are from lifestyle choices, to be honest. but still, you don't live forever and the body does start to get creaky and slower.

I am very pleased to report that hubby is in absolute perfect health. Genetics are on his side, and our lifestyle has aided what God has blessed him with. Big relief, but it inspires us both to do a little more. Take that extra step to prevent future damage and insure that our son will begin to feel Like Prince Charles does when it comes to waiting around for an inheritance.

The next move is to incorporate a few more bean dishes into our diet. We are carnivores, enjoy that style of eating and have experienced no health problems from it so far. However, beans can be beneficial to the body as well as the wallet. Problem is, hubby does not like beans, or so he believes. Part of this is due to his mom, bless her heart. Raising 6 children on a fluctuating income ( FIL was in Sales and paid by commission), her cooking style was more survival than great taste. Her yankee bean soup kept the belly off the backbone, but also made the taste buds want to run away out of boredom. End result, hubby kind of flinches at anything with beans. He really dislikes the taste and texture of pinto beans, and would rather commit Hari Kari than eat a lima or navy bean. I have discovered that he does enjoy lentils and really likes black beans. So my new project is trying to find dishes that use these beans. I am going to try out 3 different bean dishes next week for dinner, and I have engaged my son's aid to help . I think between the two of us we can help Dad to embrace yet another move to help him be the best he can be.


Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young said...

I know that's such a relief to see that all of y'all hard work is paying off! Congratulations to all of you!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

You know, smaller clothes and lower scale numbers are a real good thing, but nothing rocks your world like finding out that you are really doing well from a blood test and so forth.And I don't think anything could scare you into motivation like a bad one !

Rosie said...

I love how the three of you are doing this together. My boyfriend and I try to keep healthy together but hard to get the kids excited about eating healthy.