Saturday, November 1, 2008

The morning after Halloween

Had a really nice time last night. I love to watch the kids Trick or Treating and the costumes on the little guys are so cute. There was one little girl , about 4, who was dressed as a with but her face was painted like a cat. I giggled, picturing the possible dialog between her and her mom earlier that evening. 'But sweetheart, you have to pick one !", and the defiant, stubborn 4 year old dig in your heels response to that pronouncement. I dare anyone to try to convince a 4 year old of reality !

I am taking her as a role model with my weight loss. I am tired of the loss gain pattern, and i am certain that it has noting to do with miscalculations I am making. Rather than speculating the reason , I am making an appointment with my Naturopath, who has helped me to overcome several health problems in the past. If I was not for him, I would have never conceived my son for one thing. I am suspecting that something is off with the balance in my intake, and if so I want to identify it.

It's going to be a busy sort of day here. Hubby has singing commitments and I have a hot date with my butcher knife, chicken breasts and two pork loins destined to become chops. Son and I will get out for a walk a little later and count the played out pumpkins on the route. One of the saddest things in the world to me is a pumpkin on November 1. It has served it's purpose, and the specters that it kept away now move out to make room for the incoming Ghosts of Christmas yet to come and Turkeys waiting to be basted.

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Rosie said...

Your story about the 4 year old cat witch remind me of my daughter when she was about that age... she was a Princess Ballerina Fairy Angel Barbie... the good thing about her costume was she sort of had a theme... she wore a leotard, tutu, tiara, wings, a wand, all in pink with lots of pink blush