Saturday, October 25, 2008

Everybody gains

Weigh in this week, and everyone gained

I am up 1.8
Son is up1.2
Hubby is up 0.6

We were all totally on point, on program, and son and I both got in 20 activity points this week. For me to gain it could be easily dismissed as hormones, but with the guys it is a different story. So what did it ?


Even though we were eating the new V8 line of soups, and I absently bought them without even checking the sodium level assuming they were better, they are still high in sodium and will bring on a gain. So, switch around the menu plan and limit the existing soups to once a week till they are gonr. Then never buy them again.

Deeper lesson still- the hurrier you go, the behinder you get. Quick eats will usually get you into trouble. be it fast food, pre-packaged convenience foods or "short cuts". Our bodies need nourishment, and that nourishment should come from real foods. Real foods take some time to create. It does not take hours to create a meal , but it does take a little more effort. A dinner of soup, sandwich and salad ( grilled cheese or peanut butter) has the same points value as a chicken breads, whole grain, veggie and salad. In some cases it can be higher points value. And, with the meal of a chicken breast you have greater satisfaction. Your body belives that you really ate a meal.

So the lesson for me on this journey is that I have to take the time to make the meals in order to keep us all on track. Menu planning and mount Chop me are simply going to be a fact of life.

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