Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sticking to it in the Storm

It seems that boys and dogs are meant to be together, and yesterday my son got a chance to make a new best friend in my sister's new puppy.

Yesterday was a real challenge to stay on program. My mom, 70, has dementia, and they are trying to find medications to best help her. She had a very bad reaction to her current one , started hallucinating, and I had to drop everything to go up there to be with her till she was able to throw off the affects. So I had to grab program friendly foods for three to take with us. Yogert, Fiber One Bars, dried fruit, V8, snack pack pudding. We are low at the moment on fresh veggies and totally out of fresh fruit till Saturday, so it was not an ideal set up meeting an unexpected scenario.

Have you considered how you can stay on program when emergencies happen ? Most of us seem to let those emergency events sabotage us. Illness, emergency travel, death in the family and such happen to us all and make it really hard to stay on program. However ,if we are dealing with this for life,is it not something that we should consider ?

For myself, it seems that there will be many of these "emergency" days in my future. Dementia has no cure and the burden of care will grow. There will be days when I have to pack up and head up there- still homeschooling and still maintaining weight loss.I plan on purchasing a thermal lunch box big enough to hold a days food for son and myself, stocking up on portion sized containers and keeping healthy foods on the shelf - those beyond what is needed for the week. This way when the all comes again, I can pack up and go without having to give a lot of thought to my own goals. No think- just do.

The words from an irish folksingers song come to mind for me

" I am ready for the storm, yes I'm ready !"

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