Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weigh in

It seems that the move to change over to soup and sandwich type dinners is paying off . Everyone experienced a loss

Me- down 0.6 ( total loss 42.8 lbs)
Hubby - down 1.6 ( finally broke out of the 250's- YEAY !!!( total loss 39.2 pounds)
Son- down 4.0 !!!!! (total loss 69.2 pounds)

Total lost since December 07-151.2 pounds

We were able to walk 5 days out of 7 as well as changing our eating plan. Still the same Weight Watcher points approach, but just spaced out a little more. We all enjoy a snack in the evening, a snack in the afternoon and 3 meals during the day. Sometimes now the evening snack is more points than dinner, but it is working.

Errands today, a planned walk in the woods and then a visit to my mom's in the evening, Will be a full day.

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