Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday and invading geese

While out walking this morning, we were joined , sort of , by a small gaggle of geese. Five stragglers from some flock that determined our complex was an ideal place to land for a break. At first I thought they might actually run into us in their landing, but not so. They decided the road was the perfect place to land and rest, so with each lap we had to dodge the geese. It was comical ! Son started yelling Honk Honk at them, and they were totally unphased by his greeting. Tenacious Foul indeed .

It made for a smile on an otherwise grey sort of morning. Our temps went from fall like back to summer this weekend, and with it has come some grey skies. Not a good scenario to get moving to !

I am hoping to get out for a walk 5 mornings this week. Will make for a better weigh in next Sayurday !

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