Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Here's the deal, go to the 4th photo folder in your computer, and attatch the 4th photo in it!

Here is mine- and for some reason I cannot quite figure out the way Blogger places pictures, so it is above. The photo is of my son and I when he was 4 months old. I had lost 110 pounds to be able to conceive him, had a high risk pregnancy where I gained back 80 of those, and kind of drifted away from the whole weight loss thing because life got absolutely nuts. I believe in this photo I was about the same weight I am now. The backpack was a great thing until he started standing in it with his feet on the frame, grabbing handfuls of my hair, pulling it and screaming with glee. It was funny, but very painful for me !

I was uploading some old pictures the other day and mentally noting the approximate weight I was in each and trying to remember all of the reasons I allowed myself to be at that weight. No judgment about these, just the factors. I think it can become a valuable tool in maintaining weight loss after you get the job done. In this photo I was trying to lose the baby weight and continue the journey that I had started. i did not make it to my goal weight in that attempt. The day I got pregnant I weighed 200 pounds and still had 60 pounds to reach my desired goal of 140. This time I am setting my sights on 160 for a primary goal and then I will see how I feel. 67 pounds to go !

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