Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sore !!!

It was bound to happen. You do not work on building a new you without some pain. Becoming a new thing is a form of giving birth, and every birth is accompanied by blood, sweat and pain.

It is humid this morning, and my thighs feel like they weigh 500 pounds. We headed out for our walk this morning, early enough to beat the rain, and both son and I were dragging our tails. After 20 minutes it was not getting any better, so we decided to go back in and declare today a day of rest. I looked at my son and told him his hair was crazy looking, and there is a law in Idaho that if you have crazy hair, you must take special precautions. He laughed, and decided that this was a great idea.

It's not that we will do nothing this day. I plan on doing some much needed housework and menu planning for the week ahead along with our homeschool activities. But as far as gym type exercises, it is officially Crazy Hair Day for today. A day of rest ( as long as it does not evolve into weeks of rest) , is a good thing.

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