Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weigh in Team Angie

Up 1.4 pounds - and last week up 0.4 pounds for a 1.8 pound gain.

Why ? I seriously think I am about to get a visitor. I am at an age and time of life where these things are NOT regular , predictable or the least bit of fun. No going over points, no slips food wise, to excessive sodium, plenty oif exercise, plenty of water, plenty of fruits, veggies, healthy fats, fiber, protein and all that jazz. Just the hormonal weirdness that every woman must face until her ovaries decide it's time to quit.

Hubby lost 0.6
Son lost 5.4 There are times I hate men ! (not relly, I just envy their consistency)

Anyway, log for yesterday
Oatmeal with toppings( crasins, almonds, pepitas, flax, goji berries,olive oil)
Yo plus yogurt,coffee,water

Veg omlette( egg beaters, mushrooms,zucchini)
laughing cow lite cheese, apple ,yo plus digestive yogurt
Coke zero

Garlic chicken sausage in marinara sauce over whole wheat couscous
Coke zero

Green tea, 2 c celery sticks, 1/3 c hummus
sugar free jello, fat free cheese stick
apple, TLC bar

Wii fit 30 min ( Strength training , aerobics)
Walk 20 min
Wii tennis 20 min
bike 10 min

Filling foods 12
water 13 (104 oz)

Onward and upward- it's a new week !