Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weigh in Team Angie week 2

Well, at least it is not a gain. I had a maintain for the week. Last week 227.6, this week 227.6. The rest of the family had interesting results. Hubby lost 1.0 ( double his usual, yay him !!). Son had a great big gain of 4.2 pounds ,which could have happened for one of a couple reasons. One, last week I let him read the scale and write down the number on his own ( and he has a bad tendancy to transpose and scramble numbers) or he is gaining muscle from finally being able to use the Wii fit. I think it is the latter because he has had no slips or cheats and got in 10 hours of exercise this week.Feel the burn !!!

I want to talk about him for a minute. His journey is the entire reason why we began this journey, and his process is amazing. Whenever I get dissapointed in my own body's preformance I look at how he has been doing and it sparks me on. He is autistic, and so it is not the way a normal 16 yr old would do it. I have to do the measuring, counting and recording for him, and when he gets tempted I have to find ways to bypass his sensory overload and help him get a grip. He has come a very long way to understanding what he has to do and how as well as why, but he still needs a lot of hand holding. When he began, he could not be measured on any home scale , and we estimate he was 425 lbs

About 14 months later he is 352.6

We began measuring him with a special tape measure, because the standard one was not big enough. Here is his progress in those terms:
Chest then 60-now 53 (17 inch lost)
waist then 60 now 50 1/2 (9.5 inch loss)
hips then 84 now 63 (21 inch loss)
arms then 22 now 18 (4 inch loss)
thigh then 38.5 now 31 (7.5 inch loss)
neck then 22 now 17 1/2 (4.5 inch loss)

total loss- 80.5 inches that would be 6 ft 8 inches in height. A small basketball player.

I talk about him this morning because once againI feel rather discouraged by my own progress. Main reason for the disapointment is the two challenges I have entered it seems. I know this is a slow road, and will even be slower because of my age and hormonal challenges. Because one challenge is depending on the team as a whole's amount loss, there is a lot of pressure internally that simply was not there. So rather than let this get to me, I turn my focus on my original commitment- to be a good role model and mentor for my son. While my own progress sucks, I look at him and realize that we really are doing great ! This remains he reason why I chose to keep my blog identity The Incredible Shrinking Family, rather than SeeSaw Adventures with an Old Lady in Training !


Dutch said...

I was just reading another journal and she mentioned that even though the scale didn't move she has lost inches. I am getting out my tape measure today and measuring myself. That is so great about your son. He is an inspiration. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sue said...

Hang in there my friend. You are so amazing in your determination and exercise. I think you are doing great.

One thing that has helped me at times when I am at a two or three week plateau is to mix things up. I eat differently than my "usual." For instance, eggs for breakfast instead of oats, or tuna for lunch instead of soup or salad. Just different things to "shock" my body with the unexpected. It almost always works to trigger a loss again.

Regardless, I think you are a wonderful example for your son!! And for me! :) I am really seeing how I need to exercise more because of your example!!

Squishy ! said...

Sometimes it helps me to remind myself that even when the scale is stuck, that means that I'm not gaining weight. I may not be losing, but I'm not getting unhealthier. :o )

Anonymous said...

Fellow A-Team member here,

Stopping by to say hi and wow. Your whole family is an inspiration.

Hang in there and the scale will start budging again.


Graciela said...

Wow, just wow. I don't know what else to say.

TJ said...

Don't get discouraged. Keep doing the best you absolutely can. What an inspiration you and your family are!

Have a great weekend!

Skye's the Limit said...

Loved the pictures! You can definitely see his progress. I know your journey is difficult for you, but I can also see how Nick's progress would be a huge motivating factor as well. Once again, he is so blessed to have wonderful parents as you guys. :o)