Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Caution-Anniversary Ahead !

This Saturday is going to be a special day for hubby and I. 29 years earlier on that very day we assembled our friends and moved into our very first apartment together. The very next day i did grocery shopping for the first time and was horrified at the expense. We needed everything and i spent 85 dollars. Unheard of !!!! ( Now that is the cost of a milk run it seems).Lot of life has been shared, lot of memories, a few silly arguments, and for almost every night for the last 29 years he is the last thing I see, and almost every morning it is his form that greets me first thing. I have lived with him longer than my parents. I have gained a lot of weight while with him, and i have also lost a lot of weight with him ( I lost 110 pounds to be able to conceive).

So how do you mark something like that ? We are not celebrating kinds of people. We do not usually celebrate birthdays or anniversaries in a big way. A few years back our 25th wedding anniversary rolled around and we were intimidated at the idea od having to do something special to mark it. We ended up buying a sack of White Castle hamburgers and going to sit by a pond to eat them and reminisce. This will not b possible, as this has traditionally been the coldest weekend of the year here. A fresh 5 inches of snow fell last night, more is expected and the tempurature will not reach even 10 degrees on that day. So how do we mark this day ? I don't know.

Meanwhile, yesterday was a good on program day. No pictures, just the stats for those who are interested.
1 c Natures Path Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Rasin crunch cereal
1/2 c cottage cheese
1/4 c crasins
1t olive oil
water, coffee

2 c Lentil soup
1 c nonfat yogert with 1 T cocoa powder 1 T splenda and 1 T oat bran
2 c celery and carrots

3 oz Chicken breast with garlic, parsley and dill (olive oil)
1 c wheat berries
1 c green beans
2 c tossed salad with Wishbone Salad Spritzers
water, supplements

1/2 c Sugar free jello
1/2 c Jello sugar free rice pudding
fat free cheese stick
2 c carrots and celery
1/3 c homemade hummus
1/2 c Yo plus yogert
TLC Trail Mix

Wii fit 15 min ( balance)
Stationary Bike 20 min
walk 15 min
Wii sports tennis 30 min

Filling foods 10
water 14 ( 112 oz)


TJ said...

Y'all sound a lot like Hubby and me. The most we do on special days is maybe go out to eat. We don't buy expensive gifts or anything like that and we really don't want others fussing over us either. I say tell each other 'happy anniversary', reminisce about the day 29 years ago, and have a little picnic in the living room.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

That's probably what we will do, but for some reason with these bigger numbers there comes this weird pressure to "do "something. It really makes me laugh for some reasons.

Caroline said...

extra work, but that I'm not alone in the feelings of frustration, guilt, thinking I ought to do more (even when I'm tired of it) and still feeling like I'm not doing enough for any of us. Thank you for taking the time to write such a long comment - it is very much appreciated.

And I hope you have a very happy anniversary!

Skye's the Limit said...

Next week, on January 21st, hubby and I will celebrate our 14th anniversary. We are also debating how we will do it. Being on a whole big ole Wednesday definitely plays a part in it. lol Let me know what y'all decide to do. Hey, we may steal some ideas from you guys! lol

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary! :) And, thanks for your hummus recipe. The peanut butter one looks interesting...I might have to try that! :)

karen said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I like the idea of an indoor date night. Maybe make it like you were at a drive-in or something and find a movie to rent that was popular 29 years ago or listen to music only from that time period and do a little living room dancing? http://www.superseventies.com/1970.html could help jog your memory if need be :)

karen said...

Realized on my walk home from work that I deleted 10 years from all of our lives ... try THIS link! LOL!