Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser-Joelle

There has been something on my mind all day - last night's Biggest Loser ! At first, while watching the show, my mind kept rooting for Joelle to fall below the yellow line and be sent packing. What whining ! What a bad attitude !

However, as the day wears on, i keep thinking about the reality of her. She is one woman who is a prime example of the phrase "it's not what you are eating, but what is eating you". Let's face it, she is a beautiful woman , and even sexy. Big girls are indeed sexy . Those two facts would be enough to carry most women tho the heights of where they wish to go in life. However, thinking back on several of her comments throughout the show, I have come to believe that she is indeed a person whom , for whatever reason, life has come down heavy upon. One whom the events in life has been lead to belive that they are less worthy than the other people on this planet. Perhaps even one that sees herself as a garbage dump for lifes events. Perhaps she has chosen to use her weight as a vehicle to keep herself an arms length from the rest of the world. Something somewhere convinced her that she is not worth the effort, time or attention perhaps. I don't know. I would love to find out though.

I hope she lasts for a few weeks, perhaps even to the finale . While she is annoying, I also think she is omne of the most complex contestants to appear on the show to date.


Sugar Bush Primitives said...

I totally agree. She annoyed the heck out of me, but I saw something of myself in her.

karen said...

Incredibly well said! I keep thinking back on all of the contestants that I really haven't liked all that much at the beginning of their particular seasons but by the end wanted them to take the whole kit-and-kaboodle because I had grown to love them so much! I would like to see Joelle do well because I know how much she needs it ... but I also hope that the attitude adjustment that we've seen happen so many times in the past happens for her sooner than later!

Skye's the Limit said...

I can totally understand Bob's frustrations with Joelle. There are so many people who would die for the chance she's been given and all she seems to do is complain. I mean really, there is no reason why she could not run 30 SECONDS on that treadmill. Look at what Jerry was doing and he's 63 years old and even passed out on the first day. Then you have Dan, from the orange team, who is going above and beyond. And look at what Carla, her teammate, was doing at home. Shame on her for not trying harder.

BUT, one thing that I do not agree with is Bob's total lack of respect for Joelle. Shame on him for the way he talked to her. And then, in front of everyone. That was totally uncalled for. You see when he told her, "Shut the f**k up!". Well that was just too much! I wouldn't have blamed her if she would have gotten off that treadmill and knocked the shit out of him!

Sure, Jillian has had her moments, but at least she is concerned with her team mentally as well as physically.

I will admit though, I was a bit disappointed that she fell above the yellow line. To me, she just didn't try hard enough to deserve to stay there. But then again, I would love to see her teammate Carla on the ranch so I hope she makes it for her to come back. Somehow, I don't think Carla would sit back and let Bob talk to her that way! lol

And like you said, so much the better if she can find out what's bothering her deep inside. I really think that's the million dollar question for all of us.

Debbie said...

I WAS SO MAD LAST NIGHT when nobody was telling Joelle that they loved her. It was sickening! I hope those people gain something (some heart). I was so proud of Joelle for sticking up for herself. I did think it appeared she was being a bit laid back. But I was not there. Maybe she felt the HATE in the room, their not wanting her to suceed and she said F___ that! I was hoping she wouldn't go home and hang around her (supposed) friend. She would have just brought her down. Nadafinga Joelle. Don't let them touch you!

Katheryn said...

Yes, the effort wasn't there. But someone was right - she needed the mental coaching as well as the physical coaching. And isn't anyone else bothered by her best friend yelling at her over and over again? She is verbally assaulted and for someone who is already down, that doesn't help at all. I completely agree with what she said when she met Carla again after all those months of not talking - she needs to focus on herself. The sooner she eliminates the negativity that surrounds her - like her best friend - the sooner she can heal and get healthy. I would like to see The Biggest Loser send Gillian to her for a few days before the finale..

ashleyalvina said...

I agree!I just watched that episode and came online to see if people thought the same way I did - my roommate and I finished that episode more sad for her and her reality than glad she was gone. (even though, yes, she was annoying!)

On a different note, we don't know eachother at all, but I am SO excited for you and your family on your journey to health! What a sweet day it will be when you all reach your goals! I hope you don't mind if I pop back here every now and then for updates. Call me crazy, but I have absolute faith that you will accomplish what you're hoping for.

I will keep you and yours in mind as I pray,


Anonymous said...

I am really dissapointed as to the ease in which everyone takes Joelle's side. She was given the oppurtunity of a lifetime and did nothing but complain about it. Someone mentioned it seems life has been hard on her. but look around life is hard for everyone, that doesn't stop the rest of the world from doing what they need to do. You guys are so quick to judge carla for yelling at her but what kind of friend was joelle really being to carla. They both needed to get healthy badly and carla was doing her share, joelle on the other hand slacked off. Remember when she almost took that money and just went home. If my best friend and I were in the situation where we were 100% dependent upon each other's efforts I would be working harder than if it was just for me because I love my best friend and would want her to get healthy. Making excuses for people like joelle, just enables her to go on living the life that got her where she is.

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