Monday, January 12, 2009

A simple, sweet Sunday

No matter how cold, no matter how treacherous, I still love the snow. Okay, there . I said it ! It is miserable to shovel, miserable to drive in and treacherous to walk in, but is takes my breath away when I see it weighing down the branches or turning a forest into a big, down covered canvas. I see it and then I remember all of the reasons why I continue to live here in the Midwest.

Started the day off with one of my favorite breakfasts in the world- Crockpot Grains. This stuff is so easy and tasty that you could easily fall in love with it just putting it together and smelling it in the morning. Then you taste it and it could become a lifelong commitment !

Crockpot Grains serves 3 people

1/3 cup wheat berries
1/3 cup steel cut oats
1/3 cup barley
1 c dry milk powder
1 T brown sugar
1 t cinnamon
7 cups water

Spray a crockpot with Pam , add the above contents. Stir to mix. When you go to bed, turn the crockpot on low. When you wake up, give it a stir and serve with the toppings of your choice.

It is hearty and will keep you satisfied all morning long! I wound up eating it this way-
1 serving crockpot grains
crasins, almonds,sunflower seeds,pepitas,flax,coconut,olive oil
yo plus digestive yogert on the side
water, coffee

The guys were off at church for the morning, and I spent time on my stationary bike and trying to sort through a pile of papers that I discovered and had no idea why or what they were for. Don't you love piles like that ? When the guys came home we headed out to lunch at Golden Corral. A lot of weight loss people cringe and bemoan buffets as evil places. Not me. There is no one standing at the serving tables forcing you to eat bad things, and no one stands at the tables with a gun to your head forcing you to go for multiple passess. It is still us, we are still in charge of our appetites and intake, and a buffet is a good place to learn those coping skills you will need throughout life.We choose buffets to help our son learn to make wise choices, and our Golden Coral has better choices than other buffets. We do not avoid desserts, but instead agree on one that we love, grab a small peice and then split it 3 ways. So here is what I had
Roast chicken breast
1/2 of an applewood grilled chicken breast
wedge of steamed cabbage
1/2 c boiled carrots
1 c asian style green beans
1 baked sweet potato
1 c cantalope
1/ c honeydew mellon
1/2 c pinapples
1/2 c tropical fruit
1/2 c cottage cheese
forkfull German chocolate cake
water- I was just not in a salad mood because of the cold, but they had great salad options !

Then off shopping for some storage items and a stop in the woods. I LOVE my husband ! He grew up as a very urban child who only set foot in wooded places wih boy scouts or an occasional family camp out. My parents were very outdoor people , and I grew up primitve camping, backpacking, ice fishing and every free weekend was spent camping and hiking. Being in the woods makes me feel sane, safe and collected. He knows this, and so he will make detours to get me to one of the local forest preserves every chance we get without asking me, just because he loves me. It's way better than a dozen roses ! It did the trick- just the short pass through and I felt reborn. Then back home to assemble stuff, and bask in the other benefit of a buffet lunch- no one really wants dinner ! So we played some video games and munched on stuff. My munch involved
1/3 c hummus
2 c carrot and celery sticks
yo plus yogert

Throughout the day at different times I also had
1/2 c sugar free apple sauce
TLC trail mix bar

Exercise total for the day
20 min bike
60 min walk

Other stats-
Filling foods 13( for the Valentines day challenge)
water 14 (112 oz)

Let's have a great day !!!!

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