Friday, January 30, 2009


I think I had a really good day yesterday ! I felt a lot more calm and balanced, and I did not have a single bout of the hungries at all. I had been noticing for the last week , the more "filling foods" I ate in the form of whole grains, the more ferocious the hungries would come on. I had also been feeling really tired and had this growing brain fog sort of feeling. Yesterday was the first day that I severely limited the starch carbs, and things were greatly improved. The only reason for the snacks was to make sure I got in enough dairy servings for the day, and then in the evening as a force of habit. And best of all, after switching the day before, Wii said I was down 1.3 pounds for the first time in almost 6 weeks. It seems that grains are indeed my enemy, but an enemy that I need to live with. A few years ago I did Atkins and lost 60 pounds, but developed a case of constipation so long lasting and severe that I had to give that way up. I need the B vitamins that come from grains, as well as the nutrients from fruit and cows milk. Eating vegetarian was not my friend either. I developed a systemic yeast infection from the high level of starch carbs with whole grains and beans that made my hair fall out, my skin crack, constant itchy eyes and nose,incredible abdominal swellings and consideration to take out stock in the company that manufactures Monistat and bowel problems that shall not be spoke of. So it seems I am going to have to go about this in a sort of designer diet type fashion.

Here is the breakdown for Thursday
Wii fit 30 min ( 10 min balance,20 minute run)
Walk 30 min

Filling foods 11
water 14

Breakfast- the cereal sundae minus the cereal, add nuts
1/2 cup cottage cheese,2 T olive oil,1 c blueberries,2 T seed nut mix, coffee,water

5 oz sirloin steak ( why ? lurking in the freezer),1 c spinach ( we managed to have a surplus of spinach this week),2 cups onions and mushrooms, water

Chicken asiago sausage in marinara saue over whole wheat cousocus,parm cheese, salad
Diet Sierra Mist

1 c nonfat plain yogert with cocoa powder and splenda and 1 T seed mix, apple
17 almonds, sugar free chocolate pudding( this one was just out of force of habit in the evening)

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