Friday, January 23, 2009

Satisfying sun,satisfying oats

There is nothing quite as satisfying with life in the midwest as the wonderful day that the temperature climbs above freezing after a long stretch in the deep freeze ! Add sunshine and flocks of tough winter birds flying in search of food for the first time in days, and it is almost springlike ! Son and I moved some of our workout time to a nice outdoor walk, and it did me a world of good mentally. I get kind of edgy feeling this time of year from cabin fever. It made me feel so energized that I pushed my indoor work a bit too far I think, and come 8 pm I was so tired I could not keep my eyes open. I turned in very early, only to be awoken around midnight with a lot of muscle achiness. I took some Tylenol to make it quiet down and let me get back to sleep, but no such luck. The remainder of the night was spent tossing and turning, so I belive this is a sign to take a break today. Weigh in is tomorrow morning, and instead of being nervous if I have gained yet again, I am using the mindset that my purpose may be to become the Albert Einstein of weight loss. You know, one of those people who all the rules simply don't seem to apply to ? Einstein never spoke till he was 4 and was labeled as retarted as a result. I follow my diet plan to the letter, exercise more than the minimum reccomendation, and gain weigh or stay the same for 7 long months. Yep...I think a rethinking of my true identity could be very satisfying at this time ! When I did sleep last night I had nightmares of a 8 lb gain for this week. Nothing would surprize me any more.

Here be the details for the day
Wii fit 35 min (10 min yoga,25 min run)
walk 40 min

1/2 c Oatmeal cooked in 1 c water, 1 T flax seed meal,1 T goji berries,
1 T almond sunflower seed pepita mix,1 tsp olive oil
1 T wheat bran,1/4 c crasins, 1 T coconut
Yo plus digestive yogert, water,coffee

Lunch -1 1/2 c Homemade Split pea soup,2 c carrots and celery sticks, fat free string cheese
1 sugar free chocolate pudding,apple, water

3 oz Pork loin roast (I buy huge pork loins and cut them myself into roasts, chops,cubes,strips ), 1 sweet potato,1/2 c corn, salad of spring mix mushrooms and cucumbers,Wishbone salad spriters,Diet Sierra Mist

Green tea, water
chocolate PB oatmeal ( 1/3 c rolled oats, 1 c water,1/3 cup milk powder,2 T cocoa powder,1 T splenda- cook and then add 1 T peanut butter- comes out to a dessert tasting thing )
1 sugar free jello,1 sugar free pudding,1 TLC Bar

Filling foods 12
water 12 (96 ounces)

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Squishy ! said...

You food looks wonderful. :o ) You are doing a great job, even if the scale isn't being very kind.