Thursday, January 1, 2009

All over but the shouting

and the un-decorating ! Had a very quiet New Years Eve and then today celebrated Christmas with my in-laws. A very nice time, but sadly a food nightmare. Lasagna, sausage and potatoes, pizza, millions of sweets and a tossed salad. Good news is I planned and saved my points for just this event and just ate sensibly while there. Tomorrow is back on program, back to the curnunches and Jillian and the bike, and the muscle moving goodness of hauling down the holly, the tinsle and all that jazz. It's been a good holiday season.

Best thing to date was I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in my sister in law's bathroom mirror. We do not have a full length mirror in our house and I have not been in a fitting room in a long time. I got to see myself and the progress, and I am really happy with what I see now. And just think- this time next year it will be even better !


Rosie said...

Yes next year this time will be even better. I seen a big difference in your before and after pictures... you did a great job in 2008 with your weight loss... the three of you did. Congratulations... now on to 2009!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Thanks ! Even if none of us got huge number drops in this past year, we are better because of the efforts made. Scale numbers are only part of the big picture- taking control of our lives, making healthier choices food wise and getting active is another part.I think everyone wins when they simply set out to try to make it better.And note to self- gotta take more pictures !!