Monday, January 19, 2009

Running ...Me ???

I have a confession. Throughout my life there has been one activity that I look at , and for some reason see people who do it as a step elevated from the rest of mankind for reasons I cannot explain. That activity is running ! Perhaps it was those stories of the Greek God Mercury( or was he Roman) and the stories of Atalanta's race and apple tossing. I don't know, but it is magical. And it is something that I have, up till now, never tried. In the past it was for lack of opportunity, and as an adult it was on Doctor's orders. When I was 18 I tore my Meniscus ( the thing that covers and connects the kneecap) ,as well as had suffered several broken foot bones, ankel bones and so forth. I have arthritis as a result, and have been instructed to stick to low impact type aerobics. For many years I have been a good girl and listened.

Enter the Wii fit, with all of it's fun and affective exercises. Last week my son and I discovered the 2 P run( 2 player) and decided to try it . Main rason is he is still heavier than the balance board's weight restrictions, has been working hard to get there, but this would allow him to be able to join in the fun at long last. You hold the remote or put it in your pocket and run in place. I discovered that I can do this without pain ! So after the two player I started doing more running on my own, and finally unloocked the free run function, where you run for 10 minutes and can switch the channel to watch something else. I ran over 3 miles with that function and fell in love !!!! Now I wonder if I could attempt a real run outside once the air is warmer and the snow is gone. Till then, I will keep running with the Wii, and remebering those Greek Gods

And now, yeserday's stats

Crockpot grains( wheat berries, barley,steel cut oats, skim milk)
crasins, almonds, flax,pepitas,goji berries,crasins,olive oil
Yo plus digestive yogert
water& coffee

Bocca burger without bun topped with roast red peppers
marinated mushrooms, carrot and celery sticks,
nonfat cottage cheese and blueberries
Cherry coke zero

BBQ Corned beef
Brown rice with rye, wheat and barley
Green beans
tossed salad(spring mix, red pepper,mushroom,cucumber,1/4 avacado,almond slices)
Wishbone salad spriters,Cherry coke zero

1 c Nonfat yogert w 1 T cocoa powder,1 T splenda and 1 T oat bran
TLC bar
3 green tea

Wii fit 30 min ( 25 min run ,5 min balance)
Ab work with bands and stability ball 5 min
cycle 15 min

Filling foods 13
water 10 (80 oz)- a little low for me but the green tea was more appealing


Mrs. Sheila said...

OOOOH I am wanting a wii fit so bad! I am hoping at least by the end of Feb to have one!

I discovered this fall that I too love to run! I began on my treadmill ~ walking one minute, running one minute and it is nice. Cant' wait till spring, and longer daylight hours to begin attempting to run outdoors.

That Cherry Coke Zero rocks!

Chews to Lose said...

Congratulations on running. That's is so wonderful. I love my Wii too - I use the Personal Fitness Coach & Jillian Michaels and they are also fun.

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

I am toying with the idea of getting a WII fit. I am selling off some of my workout videos to justify spending the money. (I have a LOT of videos)

For now it is the treadmill which I also love.

Good job on the running!!!