Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bob has my sympaties !

It is a grand thing when you see TV imitating life !!!! Yesterday morning my son was in a mood where he was not interested in exercising, and i met with my own desire to just spend the day being lazy. It is not going to get the job done weight loss wise, so persuasion was needed. It is one thing to have to persuade yourself, but a whole other thing when you have to , at the same time, persuade a child to do likewise. Once we got going all was well, but the getting there was rough ! Then as we watched last nights Biggest Loser, I could so totally understand what brought Bob to suddenly "channel Jillian". It made for a GREAT episode last night, and the elimination was just gut wrenching.

Still thinking about what to do for the anniversary on Saturday. One thing I jokingly suggested is a trivia game that asks questions about our past 29 years together. Could be fun. The day is also going to feature such exotic activities as grocery shopping, laundry and a run to the library. What heart pounding excitment , eh ?? We will probably go out for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes the worlds largest salad bar. I don't think you can eat anything there that is not healthy. We all love the place but cannot always go there as it is a little out of our normal route for the Saturday errand shuffle. We absolutely have to make our weekly stop at Caputos Our weekly produce shopping could not happen without that store !

Here is the break down of the specifics of the day
Pumpkin oats( Oatmeal, water, pumpkin)
topped with crasins, almonds, pepitas,flaxmeal,coconut,goji berries,olive oil
Yo plus digestive yogert
water, coffee

veggie omlette (egg beaters, mushroom, green onion,zuchinni,red pepper)
flax seed meal
Yo Plus digestive yogert
coffee- just needed a java jump !

BBQ Lentils
Brown Rice
Tossed salad( spring greens lettuce,green onions, red peppers,mushrooms)
Diet 7 up

2 Apples
nonfat yogert with cocoa powder and splenda ( I just crae thgis for some reason !)
sugar free jello
100 calorie microwave Popcorn

Stationary Bike 20 min
Wii fit 10 min ( aerobics)
Jillian Micheals Ultimate Fitness 10 min
40 bicycle crunches
10 min stabilizer ball work

Filling foods 11
water 10 (80 oz)

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