Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bottoms Up !!!!

My back and thighs were rather stiff and aching yesterday still, so I decided to begin the day with a session of Yoga on the Wii fit. Years ago I took yoga as a PE elective and I was pretty good at it. I do not practice it regularly any more, but a lot of the flexibility I gained from the practice remains with me to this day. Sometimes nothing works the kinks out better than a really good stretch will for me. The Warrior is one of my favorites for sore thighs, and for my back nothing can beat the Down facing Dog ! It can be bliss !! So yesterday I was practicing the pose, really enjoying the feel of my back being so wonderfully extended, when in walks my son , who giggles and says "nice butt mom ! ". Gee thanks Mister Boy ! Then he decides to roll a ball under me while I am in the pose. All the time giggling . So I tell him why I am doing it, get him to do it as well, and after a few minutes he decides to walk around on his hands and feet while in the pose, and continues to laugh hysterically.It was too funny ! Then he starts saying "Bottoms up ! ", and I could no longer keep a straight face. They say laughter is the best medicine, an I must admit after 30 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of my son's observations, I felt like a new woman !
So here is how the day broke down with food and exercise:

Wii fit 30 min (Yoga 30 min)
Stationary bike-15 min- I have to get a different seat, this one is killing my tailbone

Filling foods 14
water 10 (80oz)

Breakfast- quick to fix and fun to eat
1/2 c cottage cheese,3/4 c Flax Plus Cereal,1 c blueberies
1 t olive oil,2 T flax meal

makes a big bowl that was fun to mix and eat

Lunch- finger food and fast!
Homemade Hummus with cucumber,carrots,celery,orange pepper
Yo Plus digestive yougert
green tea

Lunchtime often involves racing to get things done before the afternoon, and finger foods are my best friend. Yes, bad habit but one that is absolutely nessisary. At least I do not develop food amnesia.

Dinner- experiment with couscous
Ginger citrus pork (sugar free orange marmalade, ginger powder and dijon mustard)
Butternut squash whole wheat couscous,corn,salad
Wishbone Salad Spritzer,Diet Sierra Mist
to make the couscous I took 2 cups of pureed butternut squash , 1 1/2 cups water,1 tsp thyme and 1 tsp cinnamon and a shake of grlic powder, brought it to a rolling boil and then added 1 c whole wheat couscous, remove from the heat and let set 15 minutes. Results were okay- it needs something else to be great.

1 c nonfat yogert with cocoa powder and splenda
TLC bar
Sugar free chocolate pudding
Green tea


carla said...

I love this.
you are such a great role model in so many ways. the workout. the LAUGHTER.

and speaking of...my toddler calls and IM off to try and workout.


Sarah said...

You are so right, laughter is the best medicine! Keep up the great work!

Bee said...

That is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it. It's good to remember to appreciate children's silliness and share in it. I think it helps us stay younger too. =)

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

I love the Warrior and Downward dog too! They really work the muscles. I have a lot of balance problems with the Tree post. Another favorite is the Sun Salutation. My back gets fatiqued very quickly and these make it feel so much better.

I love the visual of the exchange between you and your son. :)


Squishy ! said...

You guys just crack me up! Your son sounds like an adorable guy.

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Do you have to have a broad band connection to import the cool MIIs? I would love to surprise the girls the next time they come over to use the WII.

Oh, and I tried your chocolate yogurt - yummmmm!!!!

Skye's the Limit said...

:o) LOL Too cute!

I just love looking at your food pictures. You make the most amazing food presentations ever! Your family is so lucky that you put so much effort into the look of a plate of food. :O)

I would be excited to sit at your table just to see what was put in front of me! lol

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Thanks for all the kind words ! To import Mii's , sadly you need either Broadband or an adapter , and I am not sure where to get these.. I had no idea till I asked my son and hubby- sometimes I an such a dinosaur with new technology.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Ooops- the Wii adapter is available at www.store.nintendo.com for 24.99