Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Angels unaware and blogging

It has been said that it is more important to take your passion and turn it into your livelihood in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. Same is true with a blog- find something you are passionate about, write about your thoughts and experiences with it, and you will inspire and help others. It is not the only reason people blog, but it is one of the very best.Those kind of blogs stand out as something very special, and often times you don't exactly know why they are special, but you just find yourself heading back there to read over and over again.

Such is the case with my absolute favorite blog in the world Kath eats real food . From what I have come to understand she began on a weight loss journey and slowly came around to determine that she would only eat real food- nothing made with unhealthy ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup,trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated fats and so forth. She loves to cook, as does he husband who does it for a living, and she would include lots of pictures and the recipes. I stumbled onto her blog through another and i was blown away. She does incredible things with oatmeal, but also with polenta, quinoa, veggies and more. I keep reading her posts every day, and my son would glance over my shoulder. He is a kid who adores reading cookbooks and goes weak at the knees for any show on food network. Well, he started asking me to pull up her bold and started really noticing small details like "mom, she does exercise just like me !" or "Mom, I want to make that kind of oatmeal ", or "mom, she takes cool pictures like you !". But the most importaint was he noticed that she does eat things like cake and icecream and cookies, but only in very small portions ! So here is this cute blond girl who eats incredibly healthy,has a wonderfully healthy and green lifestyle, and may be the best role model in the world for portion control ! I say that because now he his taking his snack portions and shrinking them because , and I quote, "it's just like Kath does." I am beyond thrilled ! While I can do an absolute world of things to help hoim in his weight loss, he still has to do the work himself , and he has to make solid those decision making skills that will serve him when I am not there. What Mom and dad do and say are one thing, but seeing evidence that others do so as well is INCREDIBLY helpful. Thank you Kath. You are a definate angel !

Now yesterday's stats.

Wii fit 30 min (15 min yoga 15 min balance games)
walk 15 min
Bike 30 min

Filling foods 11
water 18 (144 oz)- having a really hungry day, was hoping this would help

Oatmeal with the usual toppings
Yo plus Digestive Yogurt

Lentil soup
carrots, celery,black olives
fat free string cheese, green tea

Salsa chicken ( chicken breasts, browned and then simmered in pineapple salsa)
Brown and whole grain Rice, spinach, tossed salad
Diet Sierra mist

Kashi Go lean crunch bar
1 c nonfat yogurt with cocoa powder and splenda
100 calorie microwave popcorn ( felt absolutely starving !)
2 c watermelon
4 oz chocolate sugar free pudding
Green tea


Dutch said...

I totally agree with you about Kath. I just love her blog. I am going to start making the oatmeal like she does. It always looks so good and healthy. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Kath said...


Thank you so much for the kind post. I'm so glad I've been able to inspire others through example. Congrats on being 40 pound down!!! You rock!