Friday, January 9, 2009

Slipping off the wagon and wanting to eat it

Some days no matter what you do , it seems that you can't win ! The day started off good with oatmeal and yogert and the intention to do school and workouts as well as some various household things. While munchin we listened to the news and they were predicting a major winter storm to hit within the next 24 hours, 4-8 inches of snow and freezing rain. Call me old, call me a great big winter wimp, but the idea of pushing a shopping cart in a slushy parking lot is not my idea of a good time. Years ago I used to ski and sled in such conditions, but after breaking my collarbone and ankles in such activities as a young person, I see winter weather as not such a great thing. So I decided it would be wise to rearrange our usual weekend plans and get grocery shopping done last night. Beat the slop and all that.

We live on one income with three people following a weight loss plan, and so grocery shopping is not just go forth and buy food. I have to plan our menus and plan the shopping lists to stay on a budget. This involves checking the ads , checking the cabinets, using what we have on hand and filling out the rest with what is on sale. Because we are eating healthier, it also involves a lot of prep when we get it all home, and it has been best to plan on Thursdays , and then shop part on Friday ( hubby makes a stop on his way home for some items at two stores and we do the rest on Saturday , and then it is prep time). Well, to go shopping before the snow it meant postponing everything but hokmeschool and planning the shopping list and menu. We have one car, so the actual trip wound up after hubby got home, before dinner, and that for me spells a disaster. If I am hungry and at home I handle it with water or gum. If I am hungry , at a grocery store and know I will have to cook when I get home, a very bad thing. I had put some chicken breasts in the crock pot with salsa earlier in the afternoon, but there would still be sides to make. I grabbed a snack in the afternoon, but my body has gotten very used to eating at a certain time, and I was ready to eat the cart. I picked up some deli sides to go with the chicken ( marinated mushrooms, mozzerella and tomato salad, olive onion foccacia and fresh sliced pineapples). All but the pineapples were high fat, but at least it was olive oil fat. I also made the mistake of walking down the freezer case, and I could not resist Eddys Sugar free fat free chocolate and vanilla ice cream. At least it was sugr free, low in calories and hig in fiber. We got home and I was so hungry I was shaking and crabby. I did not eat- I inhaled. Not a good thing.

Today I will spend the time cutting up the produce and portioning out things like cereal and such. Wonder how much lettuce 3 people on Weight Watchers go through in a week ?
Wonder no more!

Between this, a mountain of celery and carrots, other veggies and fruit, I think we are becoming rabbits.

Today is another day, and I will work to burn off the damage. I have also learned some strategies for the future. Putting the main course in the crock pot is good, but doing a side in the second crock would be a good idea, as well as making up salads and keeping them in the fridge so I can just pull them out and eat them. Setting the table before I leave would be another plus, and grabbing a little more substantial snack in the afternoon would help. I had a container of fat free pudding and an apple- a little protein would have held me over better.

Live and learn as they say !


Donna B said...

lseGreat insight when you need to go grocery shopping so close to your dinner. I am fortunate to go after breakfast, but it is still hard to pass up on some of things, especially the breakfast cake samples our store puts out! Keep up the good work. Planning is everything!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Normally we go on Saturday between breakfast and lunch, and I have no problem. It's something about that late day hunger that brings me to my knees ! Happily it is a rare occasion when we shop late, but it's good to figure some strategies for when it happens again !

Skye's the Limit said...

And that's the important part, Di. You learned from this incident so it was all worth it in the long run. Personally, I think you are doing a fantastic job and are such an inspiration to me and I'm sure so many others!

Girl, that is one hell of a pile of lettuce! lol Question though...If you need it to last the whole week, how do you keep it fresh once it's cut up? I have a problem with mine turning brown, too quick. Thanks!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

To keep the lettuce fresh I wash it and spin it bone dry in my salad spinner, then let it set out on the table for about an hour to drip dry even more. Then I cut it, put it in zip locks and suck the air out with a straw so it kind of vacuum seals. If I get any moisture in the bags it will turn , same with air. It also seems that Boston Bibb will turn faster than romaine or endive.

Wouldit amuse you to learn we also go through 10 pounds of carrots , 3 heads of celery, 4 pounds of mushrooms, 7 bunches of green onions, about a pound of zuchinni , three pounds of red peppers and 11 sweet potatoes every week as our standard stock up list ? I am waiting for long ears to appear.

Skye's the Limit said...

Thanks for the tip, Di! My goodness y'all eat a lot of veggies! lol I am so jealous that I am going to go to the store as soon as my hubby comes home from work tonight so I can stock up, too!!! If y'all are going to turn into rabbits, then so will I! :o)

Side note>>>I was actually craving broccoli last night! Me!!! Who would have ever thunk it! There is hope after all!!! lol

TJ said...

If I'm not careful with the sides, I'll also make something that's not 'on plan'. I like crockpot meals where I can just throw everything in - meat and veggies - and not worry about it.

You're doing so great. Keep it up fellow A-Teamer(BLBE)!

Rosie said...

I love how organized you are... I'm working towards that this year.