Monday, January 26, 2009

Slow, steady Sunday

The weather turned cold again yesterday here, and suddenly the prospect of bundling up in 50 layers and having my lungs freeze with every breath was not my idea of a good time at all. So after hubby got home from singing at Mass, I suggested we just spend the day at home. My knee was very tender and my thigh muscles were hurting, so being a lazy wimp was acceptable to my brain. Son and hubby spent time playing games on the Wii , the computer and wrestling each other - they are really the best buddies in the world. I decided to begin a knitting project ( a shawl , simply to refresh my hands on how to do the stitches), and hubby and I spent time just talking and being. It made for a nice , relaxing afternoon. It is going to be a tough week homeschool wise, and being refreshed help me to do what must be done.

Wii Fit Yoga 30 min (knee was tender , so stretching seemed very appealing)

Filling foods 17
water 8 -64 oz (a little low on that one for me)

Breakfast- our Sunday Standard because it works with DH's Singing/time commitments
Crockpot grains(barley,wheat berries ,steelcut oats with milkpowder,water,
cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla in the crockpot overnight)
toppings 1 T Flax seed,1 T coconut,1 T seed nut mix,1 T goji berries,
1/4 c dried cranberry-cherry mix ,1 t olive oil
Yo plus digestive yogert

Lunch- craving warm food !
2 c split pea lentil soup,4 stalks celery,1 raw pickle cucumber,marinated mushrooms
Green Tea

Crockpot Polenta,Balsamic Chicken, Broccoli califlower carrot mix

1 c Nonfat yogert with cocoa powder and splenda


Improvedliving said...

This is going to be really cool stuff.

Skye's the Limit said...

Hey, slow and steady wins the race! Looks like you're headed in the right direction, my friend! ;o)