Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bouncy bouncy boing boing

What is a new way to have fun during the mundane activities ? Purchase a stability ball !
Yes, I know that they are useful with Pilates type workouts, but there are so many other thigns you can do with them. You can sit on them while playing Wii games like Samba Amigo and bounce to the music. You can sit on them and roll around while watching mindless TV and all the while work your core muscles. You can also sit on the floor and play a modified form of rolling dodge ball with family members, use them as foot stools and probably terrorize cats and puppies with them. Though the cats may have the last word when they attack the ball with claws.

We bought one of these mainly for my use yesterday. I am working on strengthening my core muscles and toning my abs, and I keep hearing a lot of good things about these. So I found one at Target, on sale, and it came with resistance bands and a DVD that may be the most poorly engineered DVD I have ever seen. Not a problem though. After about a half hour of pumping the thing up, I sat on it and found just why it is so good for your abs.After initially feeling like George Jetson on a treadmill ("Jane, stop this crazy thing !!") , I started hearing an old childrens toy commercial in my head(weebles wobble but they don't fall down) , I started to feel stable and enjoy the ball. After 30 minutes of rolling around I got off and noticed my inner thigh muscles felt like I had been horesback riding . Ouch ! Then I started playing with it for my back muscles, and I am in love !

We spent the other day taking down the Christmas stuff and went to swap out all of our Playstation 2 games and gear for Wii titiles. One of the ones we grabbed was My Fitness Coach. It looks to be one of the best games to date for sustained levels of exercise, and is pretty detailed with the profiles. Found out that I may be in better shape than the guys, but time will tell. This afternoon we are going to do our first workout with the program and then play with other things. They guys are off at church and I plan on having a meaningful session with my stationary bike and crunches in the peace and quiet. Back to school tomorrow, and so the holidays are really over.


Rosie said...

I love my stability ball. I have tons of exercise I plan on sharing during my new exercise videos on youtube... lol. I'll try to make one soon. I get my exercises from my job. We have a program and gives us exercises for whatever body part we want to work out. I need to work my stomach too so that'll most-likely be my first ball video topic.

Rosie said...

I don't know how to email you... and I don't want you to think this is spam... it's not. I read this on a challenge newsletter I belong too and I thought of you all...

by Sunny F.
Production Company RDF USA is CASTING OVERVWEIGHT FAMILIES OF 4 or more for the new WEIGHT LOSS TV show.
We are looking for outgoing and charismatic families who need help losing lots of weight. We will surround you with a team of experts to help your family lose weight in a healthy way.
To apply, please send me an e-mail with the subject, "Overweight Family - Newspaper" to
Include names, ages, heights, weights of all family members, main contact info, city your family lives in, and a photo of your family.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

The show sounds great, but we would not qualify- there are just 3 of us and they are looking for families of 4 or more, but thanks for thinking of us !

The ball is a lot of fun. The ball with the resistance bands makes me feel like a kid on a hoppity hop playing with broken balloons or rubber bands. I keep giggling while I work, which helps me to keep my balance in a weird sort of way.