Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ch ch ch ch changes

So once again I come to a place where I need to re-teach myself how to eat. Funny, but eating is something that you just take for granted as being part of the human experience, and normally you go on autopilot. Then you come to a place where health, economics or other such things asks that you make changes , and suddenly you have to think about each step you take. Weird feeling.So after realizing that my intake is off in balance, I decided to make changes with the very next bite I took. It's mid week, we have what we have in the house, and I am going to make this work. It's my style. Once i determine something is to be done, I do not wait for the perfect conditions, but instead toss myself into it with full force, make mistakes and slip and slide my way till i find my feet. Such is happening now.

Thanks to all of you who have offered such nice words of encouragement and support ! Trying to lose weight and having the standard means fail you is an awful lot like going through infertility. All around you are people who seem to get pregnant just through a casual glance, and it is not happening for you for what ever reason. Then you discover that it is something that is amiss in your body, and it totally blows your self esteem out the window. Even insects can conceive, so why not you ? Nearly everyone around me is following an eating plan, exercising and dropping pounds. Then there is me , who keeps trying but something does not quite connect, and once again I find myself with old familiar feelings that were my companion in the days when I would attend baby showers and wonder when there would be one for me. Just like then , I know in my heart of hearts it will happen, but it is just going to take some out of the box thinking.

So here are the particulars for the day. I cannot say Just what kind of eating plan I am following any more outside of the guidelines of more protein and only whole grain carbs. Something seems to be kicked in, because last night I kept running to the potty.

Exercise ( less that usual due to planning day)
walk 30 min
Wii 10 min (running)

Filling foods 13
water 14 (112 oz)

oatmeal with my toppings ( I ADORE this mix - crasins,goji berries, coconut, seed mix
flax,wheat bran,olive oil)
Yo Digestive yogert
coffee, water

Lunch- changing and adding more animal protien
Balsamic chicken and mushroom salad( 3 oz chicken breast, cubed, 1 cup mushrooms quartered,
1 onion cut into moons, spray of Pam , sprinkle of citrus Grill seasoning and 1/4 c Balsamic vinegar
on a cup of spring mix- so flavorful and filling !)
1/2 c cottage cheese, celery sticks

Italian style pork chops
Pasta Florentine (whole wheat pasta,spinach, tomatoes, onions,seasonings)
Diet Sierra Mist

Kashi Golean Crunch bar
1 c plain nonfat yogert, 1 c blueberries(berries are so very good for your body !)
fat free cheese stick


Chews to Lose said...

Wow - good for you! All the meals looked good. I'm sure by making these changes it'll reflect in the scale.

Squishy ! said...

You know, I hear ya about the babies AND the weight loss. *hugs* I know that sometimes it feels like we are all alone in having difficulties, but we aren't. *grins* I guess the big difference is that you are sticking to your determination to be healthy, instead of throwing in the towel. There are lots of people who give up when things get tough, and I'm so proud of you for not doing that.