Sunday, March 1, 2009


There is something very optimistic about seeing the calender flip from February to March in our household ! January sees us dumped into the most frigid temperatures of the year, February brings some heavy snows and nasty cold snaps, but come March first you know things are going to change dramatically. You will see a few days temperature wise that are genuinely warm. And, just the other day day I heard the familiar "cheer up" call of a robin. Spring is definitely on the way.

Not only is March the month when the sun moves into the calendar based season of spring, but it is also the month when some dramatic changes happened for us personally. Many years ago, after being friends for 3 years and moving into a dating relationship, we kissed for the first time. It had been far from my first kiss, but it was the first kiss that melted my heart and told me that I had indeed found the second half of my soul. If that was not enough reason to make March a memorable month, it is also the month where after 10 long years of infertility and 9 months of a rough high risk pregnancy, we became parents. Granted, there were also bad events that happened in March, but these two good ones seem to erase them from our memories foreground. So for those reasons, simply entering the month of March is a reason to celebrate. And we did a little with some of our food choices. Definitely within our points range, but just a little bit cut loose and say hooray. Plus another opportunity for me to play with my George Forman Grill !

walk 90 min
rowing 15 min

pumpkin Oat,rye barley flakes with cinnamon, brown sugar,flax,crasins,seed mix,
goji berries,wheat bran,coconut olive oil and peanut butter,
Yo plus digestive yogert, blueberries
water, coffee

Turkey pastrami and provalone on whole wheat with olive oil mayo
mozzarella tomato basil salad, celery and carrot sticks
blood orange, yo plus digestive yogert
Diet Sierra Mist

New York Strip steak with portabello mushrooms and onions ( my husband has rarely had steak, and we are trying different cuts)
Whole wheat couscous, broccoli/cauliflower/carrot blend
salad, Water

afternoon- sugar free jello, sugar free pudding,parsley tea
evening- Fiber plus bar,Black Forest cake ( celebrating)

water 10 (80 oz)
Fruits 3
veg 7
lean protien 3
dairy 2
healthy fats 2


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Love your post! Glad March is an exciting month for you filled with nice memories! I'm looking forward to the warmer temps, too:)

Your yummy breakfast really stands out to me - what are goji berries? Are they similar to cranberries??

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

I'm glad to say goodbye to February this year. It has been soooooo cold!

I love reading your blog. I love Pheonix's blog too, but for some reason I am not able to comment. Please pass the message on. :)


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Blogger seems to have been having some strange issues the last few days. Lots of blogs wont let people leave comments for odd reasons.

Goji berries are also called Wolf berries, and they are a Chinese herb that has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant. The work to stimulate the liver function, which in turn helps to rid the body of things like free radicals. To be honest, they also have been known to have an interesting sort of aphrodisiac on some people. We have been eating them because of their antioxidant properties. The taste is not at all sweet, and the seeds they contain are somewhat grainy. I dislike them on their own, but in oatmeal they work out very well- combines nice with the sweetness of the crasins

Joania said...

That dinner looks yummy....Enjoy March...I'm planning on doing the same. BTW, I mentioned you in one of my posts (Blog Love)...hope you won't mind