Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mom Math

Okay class, here is a math problem for you. As a human being, ,living on planet earth, you are given 24 hours to spend each and every day. (No Johnny, you cannot barter for more. And Carrie, you cannot trade your puppy for half of Sally's hours). Now get out your pencils and work the fooloing addition problem

Hours needed to sleep- 6
hours needed to eat 1.5
hours needed for meal prep 1
hours needed for minimalist housekeeping chores 2
hours needed for personal maintenance( shower, teeth brushing, bathroom breaks) 1.5
Hours needed for homeschool prep and paperwork 1
hours needed to execute homeschool 8.5 (highschool level is not pretty)
hours spent finding free homeschool materials , lesson plans and support 3
time spent blogging and reading email( for homechool support and weight loss) 2
hours devoted to energy and reiki work with clients 2
hours spent working out .5

What ??? That comes to 28 hours. Something is not right. So what can you do ? Doubleteam ! Find ways so squeezing in exercise in 10 minute increments, using things you have on hand. Writing emails while eating, showering and doing lesson plans, keeping one ear on a conversation with your husband while you do energy work. Doing reiki work while homeschooling. doing meal prep during lanuguage arts. Turn cooking into science class if nessisary. Treat all of life as a sacred opportunity. Give up one of the above activities ? Not going to happen. Reason is I am a human being undergoing weight loss, and humans are multifaceted, multi talented individuals.

Anyway, in the midst of all that, here is the log for yesterday

Wii fit 15min
walk 10 min

Oatmeal with
ground flax,wheat bran, crasins,seed nut mix,coconut,goji berries,olive oil and peanut butter
Yo plus digestive yogert, orange

Turkey breast on High fiber bread, lentil veggie soup
carrotand celery sticks, apple
Yo Plus digestive yogert, Diet Sierra Mist

Dinner -
soft lo carb high fiber tacos with southwest vegetables( zuchini, yellow squash, black beans, corn, tomatoes, cilantro)
Multi grain rice, papaya cantalope salad
Diet Sierra Mist


the Phoenix said...

"Treat all of life as a sacred opportunity."

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Thanks, another excellent read.

(BTW, I added up the numbers three times and came up with 29 hours, not 28.)

Hang in there!

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Only a parent can fit 29 hours worth of activity into a 24 hour day.