Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catching a breath

Alive, busy, and doing fine with food. Exercise however is not very likely to happen !
I did do very well with eating yesterday, including having a 12 inch veggie sub for dinner. Love Subway. Even held strong when hubby suggested we grab KFC. That is never going to happen again if I can help it ! he was not being a sabatoure, just very busy and tired himself , and old patterns are so easy to fall back on . I even managed to get in 25 minutes of exercise on the Wii, but today is lesson planning day and it is not very likely to happen.

Saturday is son's 17th birthday, and he has his heart set on Pizza and birthday cake. So we will do a small pizza - order out for one as our oven is still broke. Accompany that with a big side salad. Cake will be a small cake of his choice. Most likely whipped cream, but I am suggesting to him ways we could make an angel food cake gloppy with fat free whipped cream and strawberries.Again, baking is not an option as the oven is still broke. We shall see- birthdays are reasons to celebrate. His birthday is reason for me to celebrate as well. After 10 years of infertility, in walked this little miracle who has happily turned my life upside down from the moment of his conception. I wonder if there really was life before someone called me mommy !

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Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Wow, 17!!! It's amazing how fast the time goes. My older daughter is 12 and I was just looking at pics of when she was 4/5 and I wanted to cry!

BTW, whenever you get a chance, come by my blog - I have something for you:)