Monday, March 16, 2009

Shopping on Sunday

There was an original plan to go out to the woods yesterday, but I was feeling rather insecure about being away from a bathroom for any length of time or walking through muddy trails. So we chose to go investigate the wilds of Target instead. I wanted to start looking for something to wear on Easter as well. I am terrible at shopping for clothes. It takes me months to find something I like, but when I am not looking or do not have the money, I seem to find things popping off of the racks. We are going to go to my Mom's house for Easter, and I have not seen them since last October, so it is a good enough reason to add to my wardrobe. Did not find any clothes, but I did find two jump ropes, and i plan on taking my son outside today to learn how to jump rope. This is not something we can do inside, as we live on the third floor and our neighbors would not appreciate two heavy people jumping to get fit. As a kid I LOVED to play jump rope, and I was really good at it. It should be a lot of fun giving this a whirl.

Walk 30 min
water 144 oz

Steel cut oats, barley and wheat berries with molasses and cinnamon
ground flax,crasins,seed nut mix,wheat bran,coconut,goji berries,olive oil and peanut butter
Yo plus digestive yogert, pear

Turkey and Swiss on lo carb high fiber tomato basil tortilla wraps (100 cal 2 g fat and 12 g fiber !)
apple, celery and carrot sticks
Yo Plus Digestive yogurt, Diet Sierra Myst

Dinner -
Whole Wheat pasta with 3 mushrooms and onions
( porcini, crimini and shitake in olive oil, butter and thyme)
Broccoli salad
( bagged broccoli slaw, crasins,water chestnuts, sliced almonds, olive oil mayo, vinegar and splenda)
Brussels sprouts