Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Slug Day

I plead the slug card !

There were very good intentions yesterday. Sun was shining, a walk was planned and time was available. Seemed to be the promise of a very good day. Then entered in a very small pear shaped villain , who has a mind of it's own an agenda that is at very best a mystery. It has never been a very cooperative partner in my life, and now that it is reaching the end of it's reign of function ability, it has decided to act like a preteen girl who has been told that she can not wear clothes that reveal her belly button just because everyone else is. If this pear shaped organ had arms and legs it would most likely be running through the house slamming doors and throwing stuffed animals at them. Happily it does not, so it chooses to express itself in the only way it knows how. That would be The Period from Hell. I have been gifted with these many times in my life, so no alarm on that front. I have gotten older, wiser and more crafty, and so has my pear shaped friend. It has perfected a method with which it can deliver maximum annoyance to me, it's hostage. Either that or perhaps it is aspiring to spending it's next life as a panther. It has spent a week in a kind of easy but painful existance, delivering craps every few hours to act as the exclaimation points of my life. But then, after a week where it has lead me to belive that it has had it's say and will now slink back to being a silent partner, it has sprung into full attack mode. Complete with a marching band, several platoons and heavy artillary. When this happens, you get really nervous about being far from facilities. Black becomes the fashion statement of choice. And things like work outs become forgotten lore. Inelectually I know I will not die from this experience, but parts of my brain choose not to test that belif, so I opt to play The Slug Card. And that is exactly what I did.

Wii fit 10 min- and then give it up !

Oats, wheat and barley with pumpkin in the crockpot
ground flax,wheat bran, crasins,seed nut mix,coconut,goji berries,olive oil and peanut butter
Yo plus digestive yogert, orange
Ham and swiss on high fiber tomato basil wrap carrots, celery, cantalope
Yo plus, Diet Sierra Mist
Dinner -
Rib eye steak, whole wheat couscous
corn on the cob, green beans
Diet Sierra Mist