Saturday, March 28, 2009

Exactly what is important here ?

This looks to be a day of contrasts, and one that is going to make me ponder very big things. First off, weigh in

Me- up 1.2
Hubby up 2.6
son DOWN 3.0

It seems that the more meatless hubby and I go, we gain. Son on the other hand loses.

Then just when I was sitting down to open my mail, feeling very disgusted with the constant gains and not knowing what the heck I am supposed to be doing with my body as to weight loss, I get two emails about Reiki cases I have been assigned to work on. (Reiki is a hands off energy system that is used for purposes of healing). I get about 30 cases a week these days, and many you never hear any feedback on. Two that were assigned to me have experienced "dramatic improvement". One is a case of Leukimia, the other end stage esophogeal cancer. The second was not expected to live beyond the week, but has improved enough that his prognosis is now excelent. I am glad, and I know it is not me healing here, but Reiki which I merely channel.

What is the lesson here ? Is my weight gain due to an energy blockage ? If I can channel the kind of energy to heal things like cancer, why can't I channel it to get my body to lose weight ? Or is there a deeper reason why I am at the weight I am at ? You know, sort of like the fact that electricity passes through water better than sand ? I really don't know. All I do know is that no matter what I do, my body hovers at this level.

Exercise- Walk 25 min
Yoga 10 min
Wii Fit 10 min

Oatmeal, Barley,Rye mix with coconut, goji berries,
wheat bran, flax seed, seed nut mix,peanut butter and olive oil
orange, Yo plus, coffee and milk

Brown rice and Rye mix with peas and cheese
Yo Plus, apple,Diet Sierra Mist

Whole wheat pasta with tomatoes, zuchini,carrots, peppers,onions,
mushrooms, garlic and cheese
Broccoli, Diet Sierra Mist


JC said...

Well at least the boy is doing great. Congrats on the new award. I've known an alternative healer and never heard of Reiki. Why don't you ask Reiki what is holding you back? Can you do that? Did I just ask a stupid question? Have a great weekend.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Definitely a good idea. Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Energy, so rather than asking the energy the question, I would ask that it direct me to the answer or blockage. It is really an intelligent answer that just might help me solve this. And in the meantime, son is still doing wonderful, and his loss this week was just an extra birthday present. He turns 17 today and is getting to just kick back and celebrate for one day in celebration.