Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring and jump ropes

Another very busy day yesterday. As we move to the close of another homeschool year, once again it is time for us to step up the efforts in order to help cement the concepts for life. Such moves are never quick and simple, but always worth it.

We got outside to do a jump roping routine, and discovered two very important things. One, I can no longer jump rope because of a knee that I severely injured years ago. My body will not jump- not even to do a jumping jack, and my knee will not move in a way that will let me go into a full run. Perhaps in the future as my leg muscles become stronger this will change, but right now it is a no go. Second, my son is a kinestetic visual learner, meaning he has to watch an example in order to do it himself. I tried to show him how to jump rope by simply walking over the rope , but he could not understand it at all. He kept putting the rope behind him and raing one foot to his shoulder as he began to turn the rope and then kept getting tangled up in it big time. After 20 minutes, I suggested we give up and go for a walk. I found out later that hubby was never able to jump rope as a child either, so he never could do it. I , on the other hand used to do double dutch and chineese jumprope, and I cannot fathom how people cannot figure out how to jump rope. Live and learn. So we went for a nice long walk instead, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, and spotting evidence that spring really does start this Friday.

young ground ivy

young dandelion

young globe thistle

Yesterday's log
walk 50 min, 20 minutes of tragically inaccurate jump rope illustrations and attempts to unwrap jump rope from son

Breakfast-( not pictured, same as yesterday
Oats, barley and rye with pumpkin
ground flax,wheat bran, crasins,seed nut mix,coconut,goji berries,olive oil and peanut butter
Yo plus digestive yogert, pear

Lunch- not pictured, same as yesterday
Chicken and swiss on high fiber bread with mustard
Minestrone soup, celery and carrots, apple
Yo Plus digestive yogert, Fresca

Dinner -
Corned beef and cabbage
potato, carrot, rutabega, turnips, onions
Irish soda bread,Promise light margarine

veggie leftovers from this meal are going into a batch of lentil soup for lunches


Dutch said...

I used to love to jump rope. I don't know if I would be able to do it with all this weight. I just might have to try. My hubby would take the neighborhood kids and we would teach them how to double dutch. They had so much fun. I made corned beef and cabbage and also cabbage rolls yesterday. I love St. Patrick's Day. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Rosie said...

I miss double dutching... I remember Chinese jump rope too. I've been looking for a good jump rope... when I was doing my boxing training I didn't want to spar so I would do a lot of jump robing... my trainer got a kick out of me... he said you weight the weight of a heavy weight but jump rope like a feather weight... I think he meant it as a compliment... lol

disa said...