Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just plain busy

Yesterday was one of those days where homeschooling kept me so busy that when I got any free time I was mental mush, so no posting. I actually like days like that, where I can be present to watch some concept or skill get through to my son and witness one of his "aha" moments. Those are the true gold in my life and one of the biggest reasons I chose to homeschool. However, such times do make it hard for mommy to have a life.

We got to head outside for a walk yesterday. It was not sunny but warm enough to brave things with a jacket as long as you timed it between rain showers. It felt wonderful, till son stepped in a beginning pothole and twisted his ankle. He was kind of favoring it so I suggested we head indoors and work with the Wii fit instead. I got nervous, as the very first sprained ankle I reccived in life was in just this way , and I was a little concerned that he had done damage and his ankle would get further harmed if we kept walking. Sometimes with him I am still such a new mom, bringing him home from the hospital in the car, convinced the backseat windows would shatter and cu him to ribbons, or that the rear end would explode in flames for no reason with him there, so tiny and all alone.Sounds silly, until you experience those kind of fears with your own brand new baby ! So we came in and did the Wii, and hapily his ankle was fine. Just as well as the rains came back and I got buried in school stuff.

The no salad theme for the week is not going well. I am finding that we are all just too unsatiated without salads. I bought some iceburg lettuce for a couple of lunch salads, and I think I would rather starve than eat iceburg lettuce ! I am too used to a wider variety of salad greens. Today I am going to make our menu for next week, and I am attempting to create meals that are higher in fiber. Something came to mind yesterday that the thing that got the plateau from heck moving when I last attempted weight loss was increasing my fiber intake.Perhaps one of the reasons that I have moved into a cycle of stall and gain is that I have reached some kind of fiber tollerance, and upping this could help. I am actually starting to increase it today with things I have on hand. All I can do is try, right ?

Meal pictures will be back tomorrow .


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Ugh, I hate iceberg, too! What's the point, I say!!!

Glad DS's ankle is o.k. :)

Amy said...

Spinach is much better... and romaine. Good luck!

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

I love Romaine! I use Iceberg as a delivery system (for cheese or chicken salad) if there is nothing else available.

Our babies always stay our babies, no matter how old they get.


JC said...

I admire you doing the home schooling thing. I don't think that I could do that. Glad his ankle is o.k. and not seriously injured. As for iceburg, I'm with you, I'd rather do without.