Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is getting laughable

Have to laugh. Seems that strength training only encourages my body to gain faster. Watch calories and gain weight, Watch carbs and gain weight. Up exercise and gain weight. Drink water and gain weight. I am now convinced that simply breathing is causing me to gain weight. Either that or my bathroom scale is resting upon a black hole and all matter that steps on it becomes heavier.

Me- gain 3.2
Hubby- remain the same
Son- gain 2.8

I am beginning to think that the thing in me that allows me to lose weight is a hibernating bear, and all of my efforts to get it to wake up is pretty much the same as poking a sleeping bear with a stick. It wakes it up and it becomes angry.When it gets angry, it weighs more because of puffing up it's fur. Happily it will not maul me, but it's not exactly something you want to hang around with !

Another week, and once more we try, try again.


Me, Only Better said...

Aww. Sorry for the gain and the frustration. I hope next week is better for you!

skywind said...

Maybe you are wrong ways to lose weight. Perhaps you are fat physique is easy. Since some people are fat or even to drink water only.
Health is the Greatest Happiness
The World at The Present

JC said...

Well gains happen. I have been keeping up with blogs as I would like. Did you ever go to the doctor to see if there is something hormonal going on with you. Since your son gained as well, maybe you ate more than you realized. Are you still following Weight Watchers? It takes a lot of planning and receipe hunting. As you said this is a new week.

disa said...