Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hang in there, baby !

This little guy caused quite a disruption in our school this morning. It was started by a very loud robin perched on the tree right outside our living room window. I think he encouraged Mister Squirrel here to come up and investigate our digs. After all, it must be a party in here, and this must be the location for the next installment of Squirrels gone Wild. You have to admire the creature's tenacity. After a few futile attempts to enter, he ran away in search of happier hunting grounds. Either that or he check the adress given to him and realized he was in the wrong place.

Somehow this squirrel sums up my feelings about weight loss today. I would love to go searching for that double chocolate sundae that is fat free, sugar free and calorie free. It would be quickly followed by my quest for the zero point french fry and endless plate of Magical Nachos that actually burn more calories in their consumption than you ingest in doing so. Wouldn't they be great ?

However, I know better. I know weight loss is not about quick fixes, magic pills, voodoo mathematics or other fancy stuff. It is all about making a healthy choice one meal at a time and not robbing Peter to pay Paul calorie wise. ( or as I have attempted in past decades knocking out Peter and stealing Paul's wallet so he does not realize anyone owes him money). No matter how my brain would justify eating that fast food meal/birthday cake/pint of ice cream/mountain of fudge, my body knows differently. All it sees is calories , nutrients and fuel coming in. Put in too much, and it has handy little containers to store the surplus. Fill to move enough and those storage units get really swolen with stuff. Weight loss is hard, long, and at times can make you feel like Mister Squirrel here- desperately looking for something different.

Nothing for it but to just hang in there,baby !!


NoMoreDrPeppers said...

I love this post! It is a no non-sense, down to Earth, look at reality. Kudos to you my friend. Kudos to you for not being Mister Squirrel.

skywind said...

Ha ha, very funny! You should put it into the past so that it comply with school discipline, do not bounce then bounce it up. :)


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Love it!! You are so right! We're gonna hang in there, baby!!

Rosie said...

Mister Squirrel reminds me of this bird that kept wanting to come into our apartment through the bathroom window he did it for weeks... every morning and sometimes at night he's be outside the window trying to look in. Sometimes even tapping the window with his beak.

We nicknamed him Ross because Ross and I had just started dating and I wouldn't invite him in, even though he'd drop some pretty heavy hints.

disa said...

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