Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eat Responsibly

There should be a law that no woman should be allowed to enter into a grocery store handing out free samples while hormonal and stressed. I thought it hysterical that one of the display tables was offering this button

My son grabbed one while he was making the rounds because mom said it was okay. What kind of samples you ask ? Irish cheese, gourmet pasta and sauce, corned beef, gyros, spaganoki ( the greek spinach and cheese pastry ) and so much more. It was not pretty ! I was in shock over getting the monthly visit after six months without, disgusted at the fact that my hormones are ruling my life, in discomfort because of cramping, and stressed because of trying to focus on the list with a serious case of brain fog meeting a store that was rather crowded. I do not do well in crouds for a lot of reasons. It started with the Girl Scouts selling cookies out front, and me deciding to buy a box and simply doling them out in portion sizes. I was a girl scout years ago, my son thinks any opportunity to talk to a girl is a good thing, combined with me being hormonal, so I told him go buy a box.Ting a lings to be specific. And then we entered into the store, grabbed lunch, and discovered this was the weekend where it was converted to The Den of Iniquities. Yeah, I blew it. However, today is a brand new day and I can get back on track if the cramping does not kill me .

walk 2 hrs

Oats, barley, rye flakes cooked with pumpkin
ground flax,crasins,seed nut mix,wheat bran,coconut,goji berries
blackstrap molasses,olive oil and peanut butter
Yo plus digestive yogert, blood orange

samples at store - literally lost count and track

Lunch- sausage pepper stromboli, water
1/3rd of a zeppoli

Dinner -
Southwest chicken and pasta
yellow squash, Diet Sierra mist


Dutch said...

I try to stay away from Sam's Club on the weekends. They are lined up with samples. My hubby just loves it. Have a super Sunday.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

We avoid Sams club as well for this reason. This time it was our local produce market, and they were having a member of the Chicago Blackhawks on the premise for autographs. I can see the buisness logic here, as they have really excelent food offerings and this is a prime time to showcase them. Normally I am able to walk away from them, but yesterday was just too much ! They don't offer little samples, but rather substantial offerings with the samples. Half of an italian beef sandwich, a 2 inch square of spinach pie, cheese cubes the size of dice, 2 oz samples of wine and so forth. In retrospect I should have skipped lunch and just live off the samples !

JC said...

Did you ever get to you doctor about your hormones? I have a love/hate relationship with food samples. Have a great day.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I have PCOS- Poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I was diagnosed with it finally when we were going through infertility many years ago. For some reason, I thought that just because conception is no longer a goal, PCOS is no longer a factor. It is an absolutely incorrect belief ! PCOS does not disappear , and morphs into several other hormonal issues as you age. In short, my hormonal make up and endocrine system is totally off the charts on several fronts. Conventional medicine takes the approach of addressing things with chemical alternatives, which makes the symptom go away but throws the deeper issues totally out of balance. It becomes a case of we will stop your running nose but you have the risk of growing a third arm, attracting aircraft magnetically or suffering a stroke as a result. Because of life experiences for myself and with those I love, I absolutely refuse to deal with western medicine approaches. So I address the issues in non traditional ways that have a high level of success. Problem is, the course to wellness is not always cut, dried and on a timetable that people often feel comfortable with. Such is the case happening with me. Balance is returning, but I did not bargain on it returning to such a level tha my fertility was restored !

disa said...