Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weigh in

Weigh in. First always comes weigh in on Saturday. I think my scale would be offended if you did not step on it first !

Me- DOWN 1.0 !
Hubby- DOWN 1.8 !( big for his normal loss)
Son UP 1.2- with him I do not know if it is because he is developing muscles or growing or what.

So the no salad week seems to have proven to be a success for the most part. Statistically, two out of three of us lost with changing from salad to cooked veggies. I have been doing other things as well, such as upping the fiber intake and doing energy medicine workouts with my meridians , so that is a factor as well. Next week will once again be a no salad week, and the stumbling blocks of both St Patrick's Day (my holiday) and St Joseph's day ( hubby's holiday). Will just have to fit them into the plan .

Biggest Loser Weight loss yoga 15 min- still cannot do the whole routine- some of the moves are hard on my knees
strength training 30 min

Oats, barley, rye flakes cooked with pumpkin
ground flax,crasins,seed nut mix,wheat bran,coconut,goji berries
blackstrap molasses,olive oil and peanut butter
Yo plus digestive yogert, blood orange

Lunch- meatless Friday
Hummus and lettuce on sunflower seed bread, homemade cream of broccoli soup
carrots and celery, apple, Yo Plus digestive yogert
Diet Sierra Mist

Dinner -meatless Friday
Pepper and egg sandwich on whole wheat roll
apple, blood orange(was going to be cole slaw, but I got too busy to make it)
Diet Sierra Mist


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Hey, that's great!!! Love the pepper and egg sandwich, too :)

I was intrigued my your energy meridian work. I dabbled a bit with EFT (Gary Craig); do you know his work? I practiced it for a while - it is so interesting. What are you thoughts on it helping with weight loss??

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I practice EFT , Qigoing, Reiki, Quantum Touch and Pranic healing. I can say that it works, BUT it first adressess the root cause of the issue and not the symptom. Weight is not something that is just a matter of eating more calories than you expend for some.Thyroid imbalances, PCOS and Metabolic syndrome are often factors , and when they are things like Riki and EFT work first to bring those factors into balance. Patients can experience weight gain while the issue is being addressed, stalls or even something called a healing crisis. In the long run it brings the body into balance and weight loss happens, but while this issue is being addressed it makes it look as if either nothing is happening, ,or it is counter productive.I have tried using these systems twice now with weight loss. The first time it brought my PCOS issuse into the forefromnt and my weight loss stopped. Since then i have been playing with the same 3 pounds it seems, but so many other factors have been brought into balance that it becomes hard for me to say this is a bad thing. The second time is now, and I have been using EFT and Quantum touch to deal with the imbalances. I lost a pound, but this morning my period started. I have gone six months without one and belived i was entering into menopause. Again, the root cause of my weight is hormonal issues, so once again it is addressing the root cause and not the symptom. Good for long term, but at the moment i am really , really PISSED OFF about having to reset the calender again. Not to mention super hormonal and cramping to beat the band .

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