Saturday, March 21, 2009

What do you mean I only get 24 hours in a day ??

I think something with the official change of seasons has made everything wake up and take notice, meaning it suddenly demands attention that you had forgotten to give it all winter long. There were intentions of heading to the woods for a walk before grocery shopping this morning, but paperwork and laundry got in the way, got off to a late start, and the woods were forgotten. It was very nice to have a leisurely breakfast together though. Son and eat together every morning, but dad only gets to join on the weekends. So we took a little longer to eat our pumpkin oats and yogert, but the relaxation was much needed.

One interesting thing with this weeks weigh in. We all ate the same meals with portion size adjustments according to our caloric needs. We all go the same amount of exercise. Hubby and I gained, but son lost. 2.4 pounds to be exact. What was the difference ? The only difference was that hubby and I both had very stressful weeks - him on one front and myself on the same front plus another. Stress is not just an emotion, but an emotion that generates a hormonal response. Our bodies are designed for survival, and when it perceives stress, it kicks in a hormone called cortisol that makes our bodies hang onto dear life for survival. Even if you eat nothing ( and we do not stress eat), your body hangs onto calories and converts them almost instantly to abdominal fat. If you do stress eat, the body simply has more to store and play with. The stresses of the week made for many nights of no sleep, no communication, and no physical expression. Yes, sex can help you lose weight because it helps you to dispense with stress. That is unless you attempt to have sex in the worst way- standing up in a hammock. Broken bomes and stitches are not stress relivers.

I have been thinking about this a lot today , and I am realizing that there are many stresses in my life at the moment that could be better managed. Another thing I am pondering is what could best be called responsible eating. Not simply eating things low fat and so forth, but embracing a whole new relationship with food itself. Food in a more balanced, healthy light that includes the whole human person. More on that tomorrow, for tonight is family board game night. Son was the biggest loser and it is his choice. He wants to play Tiger Woods golf on the Wii, and I can't let him down.

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