Friday, March 27, 2009

Awards and progress

First off, THANK YOU to Marissa at Trim the Fat for the Kreativ Blogger Award ! It is always a very nice way to start the day. I don't know if I would call myself creative hough. More like too stubborn to accept the physical laws and limitations of time, space and money, and just bratty enough to make it change according to MY terms.
When receiving this award, you must list 7 things you love and pass the award on to 7 bloggers. My list of loves goes like this...
  1. my soul mate and husband
  2. my son- my partner in crime !
  3. homeschooling and all it's craziness
  4. being an alternative healer
  5. nature
  6. cooking
  7. thinking

There are so many wonderful people in the blogging community, and I love reading each and every blog I come across. Every one of them makes me think in some way , but it seems I must limit my picks at this time to just 7. So I pick the 7 that I am always most anxious to read in the morning. I would include Marisa, but I think the idea is to share the wealth amongst others, so I pick

1.Kathy at Kath eats real food - such creative food ideas !

2Hollie at Hollies Weight Loss Blog - I love her determination and I keep rooting for her success

3 my husband Phoenix at Phoenix Minstrel's refection pool - always a deep thinker !

4 Squishy at Squishy - more times than not reading her posts reminds me to get moving

5 Skye at Sky's the limit - she does not post as much these days, but I look forward to her posts !

6 Mary at Mary's Biggest Loser Journey - her determination keeps me going !

7 Lindsey at For The Love of Oats - anybody who falls in love with oats is a good person in my book !

And now, progress. Son has been the reason we began and the biggest loser in this house. He likes to watch The Last 10 Pounds and reruns of The Biggest Loser with me in the afternoons, and sometimes the new season on Tuesday evenings. Lately, he has understood the idea of Before type clothes, and has taken to trying some of his on. Last night he tried on one of his pre weight loss favorite shirts and I snapped a picture.

This is before these are today at 71 lbs lighter !


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Yay for son!!!!!!!!! And you ARE creative in your writing and meals!!!

the Phoenix said...

Congratulations on your special reward - is a leg lamp in order as a trophy??? (Only kidding!)

Thank you for listing me as #1 and #3 respectively in your groups of 7s - I aim to be me, and I'm happy that it pleases you!

Oh...can we make a tent out of the boy's old shirt?

Squishy ! said...

That boy of yours is doing a wonderful job! I'm sure that it doesn't hurt that he has a very thoughtful and dedicated Mama. :o )

Anonymous said...


skywind said...

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